When Lu Cheng arrived at the company, the president’s lift was still under maintenance, so he boarded the ordinary lift for staff. There is an Alpha employee standing inside. When the Alpha employee saw him, he quickly bowed and his voice was loud: “Hello, President!”

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Lu Cheng pursed his lips and nodded his head.

The Alpha asked sideways: “Are you going to the office?”

Lu Cheng nodded again, and the employee hurriedly pressed the floor of the president’s office for him.

The lift went up two floors, and the only sound that could be heard in the air was the roar of the rising lift.

Lu Cheng suddenly asked without looking back, “Do you have money?”

The Alpha looked up, but there was no one else in the lift and the president was not on the phone, so he should have been asking him that question.

He couldn’t figure out why the president was asking this question, so he deliberated for a moment and said, “Replying president, the company has good benefits and there is a bonus at the end of each year, so I have a little bit of savings, of course……it would be better if I could get a salary increase, I have the savings now thanks to the opportunity you gave me, thank you. ”

The Alpha is naturally strong and proud, rarely obeying others like this, but Lu Group is the top interstellar consortium, and Lu Cheng is the most successful helmsman. Being able to work at Lu Group, he has always felt very proud and admired Lu Cheng to the utmost.

Lu Cheng was silent for a moment: “……Can you lend me some money?”

The Alpha froze for a moment and asked tentatively, “……How much do you need, President?”


The Alpha was frozen for a moment and the lift was unusually quiet. Just as Lu Cheng pursed his lips and wanted to take back his words about borrowing money, the Alpha suddenly burst into tears with a loud wa, his sadness level almost rivalling that of Ruan Fei before.

Lu Cheng was dumbfounded by his sudden crying and looked back at him in surprise, “What’s wrong with you?”

The Alpha was crying uncontrollably, “President, I still have a wife and child to support, how come the company is closing down? You actually can’t even take 200,000 out, what has the company come to? How can I live in the future? I’m about to change my house, and I promised to buy my wife the bag she likes last night…If my wife knows I’m unemployed, she’ll make me kneel on durian……”

The more the Alpha thought about it, the sadder he became, and he couldn’t help but cry louder.

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Yesterday he was the admired Lu Group’s elite, today he is the one who is about to lose his job! His heart was bitter!

The moment the lift doors opened, what everyone could saw was their president standing in the lift with a dismayed look on his face, while the Alpha employee behind him was crying loudly in tears.

The crowd couldn’t help but tremble all over and look at Lu Cheng in horror, the president was too ruthless to scold an Alpha until he cried so badly! It was really too horrible.

Lu Group ushered in a low pressure early in the morning, the employees were so scared that they carefully moved away from the lift, their eyes couldn’t stop looking into the lift again.

Lu Cheng’s forehead jumped with anger, barely maintaining the president’s last poise: “The company is fine, it’s not about to close down!”

Alpha cries paused for a moment, wiped his tears, blinked his bean eyes, but was actually still a bit unconvinced, “Really?”

“En!” Lu Cheng replied with annoyance and walked out of the lift with big steps, not wanting to stay for a moment longer.

Why are Lu Group’s employees weirder one after the other!

He also had a wife and children to support, how could he possibly let the company close down!

Lu Cheng sat in his office and lamented, helplessly giving up on his plan to borrow money from his employees.

But he had already promised Ruan Fei, what could he do without money, and the worst part was that he had been caught red-handed by Tang Yi Yuan this morning.

Thinking about Tang Yi Yuan made Lu Cheng even more worried, wondering if he was still angry and if he would ‘punish’ him again.

Lu Cheng thought of last night’s inhumane punishment, both anticipation and horrification, wanting to see Omega in lace, but little Cheng Cheng would break down.

His mind is all on Tang Yi Yuan’s appearance last night, his white smooth skin, crimson lips, soft shiny eyes, and slightly red cheeks. Remembering last night’s sweet torture, he can’t help but laugh a moment, and then get depressed, obviously he has only been separated for a short while, but he already misses Tang Yi Yuan a little.

The way his Omega pursed his lips in displeasure this morning also looked good, but he wondered what he wanted to do with Ruan Fei’s phone number? Is it jealousy and he went to find Ruan Fei to quarrel, after all, Ruan Fei is his love rival……No!

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Lu Cheng suddenly got up……he was the love rival of Tang Yi Yuan!

Tang Yi Yuan had been unclear with Ruan Fei all those years, and he had always felt that Tang Yi Yuan was fond of Ruan Fei.

Could it be that Tang Yi Yuan had taken Ruan Fei’s phone number to try to contact him behind his back because he couldn’t forget his old love?

The more Lu Cheng thought about it, the more anxious and angry he became, his heart was on fire and sourness was raging in his heart. He couldn’t help it anymore and called home.

The phone was answered by the housekeeper.

Lu Cheng tried to suppress his anger, “Where is Yi Yuan?”

“Madame has gone out.”

Lu Cheng couldn’t help but frown, “Where did he go?”

“I’m not sure, do you need me to ask the driver for you?”

“No need, I’ll ask myself.”

Lu Cheng hung up the phone and immediately called the driver.

“Do you know where Yi Yuan is?”

The driver looked at the two figures in the cafe through the glass and replied, “Madame is talking to a young man at the Azure Cafe.”

Lu Cheng’s heart trembled and he instantly tensed up, “What does that man look like?”

The driver took a look at the man opposite Tang Yi Yuan, then answered honestly, “Medium build, white face, long thin eyes, looks a bit sickly.”

When Lu Cheng heard this, he couldn’t believe it! Isn’t this Ruan Fei?

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He immediately stood up, hung up the phone, went downstairs, and drove off in one fluid motion, stepping on the gas and heading straight for Azure Cafe.

He couldn’t tell whether it was his rival who had come to corner him again, or his ex-boyfriend who had come to seduce his wife.

Inside the Azure Cafe, Tang Yi Yuan looked at Ruan Fei opposite with mixed feelings, as if he was in a trance, back to the days when the three of them were entangled.

The first time Tang Yi Yuan met Ruan Fei was in high school, it is a famous aristocratic school but there was an orphan who came in on scholarship, and Ruan Fei, as a special case, always attracted attention.

At that time, Ruan Fei was cold and arrogant, the aristocratic children did not play with him, and he did not look at them either.

At school, Tang Yi Yuan often sees Ruan Fei studying hard. He is not willing to live in the mire and strives to climb up the ladder.

If Lu Cheng hadn’t fallen for him, perhaps Tang Yi Yuan would never have crossed paths with him.

After all these years, Ruan Fei did not seem to be doing well. His face was not as haughty as it was at the time. His face was haggard, his clothes were washed white and he was so thin that he looked a little pitiful.

Tang Yi Yuan had been angry with him for cheating Lu Cheng back then, but at this moment, seeing him like this, he could not say anything harsh.

The two of them were silent for a while before Tang Yi Yuan opened his mouth, “It’s been a long time.”

Ruan Fei smiled a little coyly, “Long time no see……I heard that you and Lu Cheng got married, congratulations.”

When this matter was mentioned, Tang Yi Yuan was a little shy and hurriedly skipped over this topic, “When did you come back?”

Ruan Fei was very formal and seemed nervous, looking at Tang Yi Yuan with some apprehension and even timidity.

“I only came back recently, my lover is sick and the medical treatment here is a bit better, so I came back.” Ruan Fei’s voice was a little bitter.

It turned out that it was Shen Xi Ran who was sick, four years had passed, and Tang Yi Yuan had no doubt that Ruan Fei’s lover, would still be Shen Xi Ran. Ruan Fei loved Shen Xi Ran extremely deeply, otherwise being such a noble person, he wouldn’t have cheated on Lu Cheng’s feelings for Shen Xi Ran.

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Tang Yi Yuan could not help but feel soft when he looked at such a Ruan Fei, but when he thought of Lu Cheng’s sad face when he was cheated, he hardened his heart and spoke in a deep voice: “Lu Cheng had an accident before and temporarily does not remember what happened at the beginning, but I remember clearly, you should not cheat him again. He is now my partner, I will not allow you to hurt him again.”

Ruan Fei squeezed his coffee cup, the raised veins could be seen on the back of his thin bony hands, his eyes were red, “Yi Yuan, I’m not cheating him this time, nor am I lying to you, Xi Ran is really seriously ill and waiting for money to cure him. Without it, he will die, I really have no choice, that’s why I’m here to beg you.”

He paused, his voice slightly choked, “I know you and Lu Cheng hate me, and I know I shouldn’t have lied to him in the first place. I was just confused at the time, do you know how hard it is for those of us who grew up in orphanages?”

His eyes glistened with tears as he seemed to be caught up in his memories, “I could save the bread I was given at the orphanage as a child and give it to my lover, but when I grew up, I couldn’t give him anything. I watched him grow up with talent but couldn’t go to Planet Cheek to get a better education. It was too painful, that’s why I made a mistake back then. I thought Lu Cheng was born with so much money, why couldn’t he give us a little bit, just a few tens of thousands could change our fate, so I chose to cheat him……Yi Yuan, I know I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have taken advantage of his feelings, moreover I shouldn’t have used improper means to cheat him of his money, I was guilty, but why wasn’t the retribution returned on me……why is my lover sick……”

Ruan Fei’s tears dripped down his eyes, he whimpered and closed his eyes in pain, when he calmed down a little, he continued, “Xi Ran contracted the virus when he was on planet Cheek. If I hadn’t cheated Lu Cheng’s money, we wouldn’t have had the money to go to planet Cheek, he wouldn’t have contracted the disease, so everything is retribution. I just hate that the retribution is not on me. ”

Ruan Fei said and cried out loudly and painfully in the cafe as if no one was watching.

Tang Yi Yuan hurriedly handed him a tissue and his voice softened, “Don’t cry first……”

He unconsciously remembered the time when he was in Interstellar High School, Ruan Fei worked hard every day pretending to be Beta and he always helped Ruan Fei to cover up. Ruan Fei at that time was very dependent on him, if Ruan Fei had not cheated Lu Cheng afterwards, they would have always been friends.

Ruan Fei at that time was also very strong, the only thing that could destroy him was Shen Xi Ran. Tang Yi Yuan knew his love for Shen Xi Ran, he watched Shen Xi Ran get sick, it was more painful than getting sick himself.

Ruan Fei took the tissue, wiped his tears and looked up at Tang Yi Yuan pleadingly, “Yi Yuan, I beg you, please save my lover, I have no family, no friends, only him, I will pay you back when I earn money in the future, I promise……”

Tang Yi Yuan sighed silently, looking at such Ruan Fei couldn’t help feeling sad. Although Ruan Fei had wronged Lu Cheng, he and Lu Cheng wouldn’t have had so many opportunities to contact without Ruan Fei in those days. Ruan Fei always knew his intentions for Lu Cheng, but he helped him to hide it thoroughly and never said anything. Even before Ruan Fei used Lu Cheng, Ruan Fei deliberately set them up again and again. At that time, Ruan Fei should have been doing it for his sake.

He owes Ruan Fei a favour, so this time he should return it to Ruan Fei.

He smiled at Ruan Fei and softly advised, “Don’t be sad, I will give you money and also help you find the best doctor to cure your lover, everything will turn out fine ……”

Ruan Fei’s tears glistened and he looked up at him gratefully.

Lu Cheng saw this scene as soon as he entered, the two of them sitting in the warm sun, one teary-eyed, the other tender and loving.

Ah! This green life!

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