Azure cafe’s main style was of fresh nature and the interior decoration is mainly green. Lu Cheng’s eyes were so full of green that his eyes hurt.

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Lu Cheng blinked his eyes, which were almost blinded by the green light, and looked sourly at the smile on Tang Yi Yuan’s face. He felt that the curve of Tang Yi Yuan’s mouth was so gentle that water could drip out of it.

Tang Yi Yuan had never smiled like this when he was facing him!

And the way Tang Yi Yuan and Ruan Fei looked at each other, in his eyes it was a look of lust and affection!

The green grass in Lu Cheng’s heart was set on fire, burning his heart. He rushed over to Ruan Fei and pointed at him like a jealous man, shouting at Tang Yi Yuan impetuously, “Are you still in love with him?”

Tang Yi Yuan froze for a moment when he saw the sudden appearance of Lu Cheng, then turned his head to look at Ruan Fei across the room and couldn’t help but frown slightly. Call him cautious or jealous, he didn’t want Lu Cheng and Ruan Fei to see each other more.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Tang Yi Yuan replied in a low voice, his tone a bit downcast. Lu Cheng’s questioning reminded him once again that after Lu Cheng lost his memory, everything had gone back to that year, and Lu Cheng now looked like the time when he stole Ruan Fei from him.

He and Ruan Fei met secretly, that’s why Lu Cheng was so angry. Lu Cheng really still likes Ruan Fei more, now he has become a hateful love rival in Lu Cheng’s eyes again.

When Lu Cheng saw Tang Yi Yuan frowning, his heart became even more angry and sad! When Tang Yi Yuan was with Ruan Fei, he was smiling so beautifully, but now he frowned at the sight of him, what does this mean?

It means that Tang Yi Yuan doesn’t want to see him! Tang Yi Yuan felt that he was disturbing them!

Lu Cheng was so angry that he wanted to cry and questioned loudly, “Why did you secretly see him without my knowledge? You really do still like him.”

You heartless, disloyal, ungrateful O!

Tang Yi Yuan was caught off guard by the questioning and froze on the spot.

Lu Cheng actually thought that he still liked Ruan Fei?

……Bastard, he liked him so obviously, did he have to make him confess his love before he understood?

Tang Yi Yuan pursed his lips and didn’t open his mouth because he definitely wouldn’t confess this time!

He glared at Lu Cheng with red eyes, and Lu Cheng looked at him with red eyes, one sadder than the other.

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Ruan Fei looked at the couple who were at a standstill across from each other, helplessly let out a low sigh and suddenly spoke out, “Lu Cheng, the one Yi Yuan likes has always been you, didn’t you know that?”

Lu Cheng froze and turned his head to look at Ruan Fei.

Ruan Fei looked at his dumbfounded expression and shook his head helplessly, “Back then, I pretended to be a Beta, only Yi Yuan knew I was Omega in Interstellar High School so I relied heavily on him and went to him from time to time. You misunderstood that I liked Yi Yuan, so you often antagonised him.”

Ruan Fei spoke till here and remembered Lu Cheng and Tang Yi Yuan’s childish appearance back then, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Every time you came to me, Yi Yuan pretended not to care, but in fact his eyes were always peeking at you, even the food he bought me every time was your favourite food, because you would deliberately snatch the things he gave me and eat them every time.”

Lu Cheng was completely frozen, dumb as a statue, and he really didn’t know.

Tang Yi Yuan liked him?

Lu Cheng stood there dumbfounded, his memory stuck exactly four years ago because of the loss of these years.

Tang Yi Yuan’s daily confrontations with him felt like it was just yesterday. He clearly remembers that Tang Yi Yuan is jealous every time he sees him with Ruan Fei. If this jealousy is all because of him…wu wu wu, Xiao Yi Yuans’s irate expression at that time is really cute! It’s been a little baby since then.

The little man in Lu Cheng’s heart started spinning, his Omega liked him, could there be anything more wonderful than that?

Does that mean Little Cheng Cheng can raise his head in a frank and upright manner!

The tips of Tang Yi Yuan’s ears burned, not daring to look up at Lu Cheng and trying to stop Ruan Fei with his eyes repeatedly.

Ruan Fei ignored his eyes and continued to say to Lu Cheng, “I never eat green tea flavoured things, but Yi Yuan always buys me green tea flavoured things because you love them.”

Lu Cheng couldn’t help but laugh, when he was in high school, he did like green tea flavoured things, but of course, he didn’t like everything green now.

He didn’t expect that Tang Yi Yuan had secretly done so many things for him, Lu Cheng was both touched and heartbroken in his heart, he hated that he couldn’t hold the Tang Yi Yuan of that time over and love him, so that Tang Yi Yuan wouldn’t just sillily be nice to him behind his back.

Ruan Fei looked down and smiled, “Also, that football ticket I gave you at the beginning was actually given to me by Yi Yuan because you liked that team and he had a hard time getting those tickets……There are countless examples like this, did you never find out about these?”

Tang Yi Yuan’s cheeks turned red, the stupid things he had done all those years had been turned up again without mercy, Omega doesn’t want his face anymore ah!

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Lu Cheng’s heart was getting sweeter and sweeter, as if bees had built a beehive in his heart and the honey was getting more and more, about to overflow. He looked up and peeked at Tang Yi Yuan, then his ears whirred and began to smoke.

Tang Yi Yuan was also stealing glances at him, his cheeks flushed and his heart pounding, beating louder and louder.

They looked like two pairs of prawns cooked red, one redder than the other.

When Ruan Fei saw the two pairs of shrimps who had been married for many years shyly peeking at each other as you peek at me and I peek at you, completely forgetting about his presence, he could not help but laugh and put his fist against his lips and coughed lightly.

Lu Cheng and Tang Yi Yuan came back to their senses and looked at him at the same time.

Ruan Fei’s voice was low with supplication, “Lu Cheng, I really don’t have anything to do with Yi Yuan, don’t misunderstand. Who Yi Yuan likes from the beginning to the end is you, please, let Yi Yuan lend me the money, I will definitely pay you back.”

Lu Cheng wanted to nod straight away, Ruan Fei telling him what Tang Yi Yuan had done for him was like reminding him of the existence of his treasure. Otherwise, with Tang Yi Yuan’s character, he would never have known these things for the rest of his life, nor would he have known that Tang Yi Yuan had silently liked him for so long. So, for 200,000 only, Lu Cheng thought it would be well worth it in exchange for Ruan Fei telling him so many things.

But Lu Cheng didn’t dare to agree, he could only look up at Tang Yi Yuan inquiringly.

Of course Alpha should listen to Omega, especially in front of his ex-boyfriend!

Tang Yi Yuan nodded a little, he had already decided to lend it to Ruan Fei just now.

Lu Cheng smiled at him, showing a mouthful of white teeth.

Tang Yi Yuan blushed and hurriedly averted his eyes, but his red lips couldn’t help but curl up.

Wu wu wu, Omega had a good looking smile, he wanted to hug him home quickly.

Lu Cheng’s eyes straightened, then he quickly took out a cheque and took out a pen to sign.

Ruan Fei smiled gratefully and said sincerely, “Thank you ……”

Tang Yi Yuan shook his head, as classmates, they couldn’t stand aside and not help.

He slightly moved over and watched Lu Cheng sign the cheque.

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Lu Cheng’s heart thumped twice, the sweet aroma faintly coming from Tang Yi Yuan smelled so good, because knowing that it was him that Tang Yi Yuan liked, the scent seemed to become ambiguous as well, with wisps running towards Lu Cheng’s nose.

His Omega liked him, and Lu Cheng wanted to scream just thinking about it!

Lu Cheng felt that Tang Yi Yuan was looking at his signature and unconsciously hooked the corners of his lips and wrote his name in a flamboyant manner, feeling very satisfied after writing it and giving Tang Yi Yuan a proud look.

Tang Yi Yuan took the cheque and looked at it, then tore it up directly.

Ruan Fei’s heart thudded and he almost knelt down to Tang Yi Yuan.

Lu Cheng’s eyes widened and his heart began to drum in panic. Did he get the wrong idea, did Tang Yi Yuan actually not want him to lend Ruan Fei the money?

Tang Yi Yuan drew out a new cheque and handed it to Lu Cheng, saying without mercy, “Write it properly, you’ll get your cheque bounced if you write it like just now.”

Lu Cheng: “……”

Ruan Fei: “……”

Well, Tang Yi Yuan, who studied economics, is a strict Omega.

In the end, Lu Cheng aggressively squeezed the pen and signed his name in one stroke like a schoolboy. After he handed the cheque to Ruan Fei, he hurriedly said goodbye to Ruan Fei and wanted to lead his Omega’s home.

But Ruan Fei called out to Tang Yi Yuan and pulled him aside to whisper, leaving Lu Cheng alone at the table to stare at them.

During their conversation, Lu Cheng didn’t even blink, just in case the world turned green again if he wasn’t careful.

Ruan Fei leaned over and said something in Tang Yi Yuan’s ear, Tang Yi Yuan’s eyes twitched, then looked down and smiled.

Lu Cheng’s eyes got hot as he watched, there’s no future for two Omegas together! Come to your senses!

Lu Cheng made a soulful call.

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Amidst the constant calls from Lu Cheng’s heart, Tang Yi Yuan finally returned, his cheeks still rosy and looking at Lu Cheng with even more sheepish eyes.

After saying goodbye to Ruan Fei, Lu Cheng couldn’t wait to take Tang Yi Yuan’s hand and pull him away.

Ex-boyfriends are indeed an existence that should be kept away from!

Walking around the corner, Lu Cheng still couldn’t hold back the jealousy in his heart and asked, “What did Ruan Fei say to you?”

Tang Yi Yuan turned back to look at Ruan Fei, who winked at him, Tang Yi Yuan couldn’t help but smile, withdrawing his eyes and looking down at Lu Cheng holding his hand, his mind remembering what Ruan Fei had just said.

”I’ve told Lu Cheng so much about you and I’ll tell you one thing about him too, back then when I was dating him, we didn’t do anything intimate at all, for that month, we just did our homework together.”

It turned out that the month when Lu Cheng was in love was when he was caught to study. No wonder when Tang Yi Yuan saw him occasionally at that time, his complexion was ugly.

Tang Yi Yuan finally had an answer to the years of doubt in his heart and couldn’t help but happily hold Lu Cheng’s hand back.

Feeling his movement, Lu Cheng was so excited in his heart that he couldn’t help but kabedon Tang Yi Yuan.

He circled Tang Yi Yuan in the corner and lowered his head close to Tang Yi Yuan’s ear, asking in a low voice, “Do you really like me?”

Lu Cheng’s breath blew against the hair on the side of Tang Yi Yuan’s forehead, he blushed and dodged sideways, biting his lips slightly, not denying.

No denial, that means confirmation!

Lu Cheng excitedly pressed Tang Yi Yuan against the wall and lowered his head to take in Omega’s lips, his tongue rampantly rushing in, forcefully drawing the sweetness from his mouth.

Tang Yi Yuan was forced to open his lips and tilted his head slightly to accept Lu Cheng’s forceful kiss.

The two hid in the corner of the cafe and shared a long and sweet kiss. When they left the cafe, Tang Yi Yuan’s lips were red and his eyes were watery. One can tell from a glance that he had been bullied, while Lu Cheng was red and full of vigour, the aura around him could be felt from a meter away.

His Omega loves him, and Cheng Cheng is the brightest cub today!

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