As soon as Tang Yi Yuan walked into the house, he was press against the wall byLu Cheng who wrapped his arms around his waist.

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The kiss in the cafe just now made Lu Cheng’s heart itch and he wanted to kiss his Omega again. His lips could not wait to fall, and the voices of Lu Tang Tang and the housekeeper rang at the same time.

“Big dad, baby is here.”

“Young master, the housekeeper is also here.”

Lu Cheng turned to look behind him, one big and one small, two really big light bulbs, bright and flickering.

He had no choice but to let go of the hand that was clamped around Tang Yi Yuan’s waist.

Tang Yi Yuan glared at him, rubbed Lu Tang Tang’s head with a blushing face, raised his legs and ran upstairs.

Lu Cheng rubbed his heart, the little baby’s big staring eyes are so beautiful.

When he looked up, he saw that the housekeeper and Lu Tang Tang were both looking at him. He couldn’t help showing a smug smile, and explained a little arrogantly: “My wife likes me so much that I’m shy.”

Housekeeper: “…”

Lu Tang Tang : “…” Seeing that the housekeeper and Lu Tang Tang didn’t respond, Lu Cheng frowned in displeasure and repeated: “My wife likes me.”

The housekeeper still had a wooden face, the madame’s feelings for the young master, he had seen them all, and there was nothing to be surprised about.

Lu Tang Tang naively blinked his dark eyes, lowered his head and continued to draw. Today’s homework in kindergarten is to draw his family. He is drawing his big dad. He thought about changing the suit he originally painted on his dad into the same overalls as himself. After all, big dad is very childish.

Lu Cheng didn’t feel the achievement of showing off, and pursed his mouth unhappily.

He thought about it for a while, picked up his mobile phone unwillingly, and sent a message in the group chat of his buddies.

Lu Cheng: My wife loves me.

Buddy No. 1: …I see, stop showing off.

Buddy No. 2: Lu Ge, please consider the feelings of single dogs.

Buddy No. 3: I’ll have a wife too!

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Buddy No. 4: You guys cooperate with Lu Ge a bit.

Buddy No. 5: Okay……Lu Ge, because of you and sister-in-law, I believe in love again.

Buddy No. 6: Ditto

Buddy No. 7: Ditto without emotions

Buddy No. 8: Reluctantly ditto


Lu Cheng’s goal of showing off was achieved and he withdrew his phone with satisfaction, humming a song as he went upstairs to see his wife.

The housekeeper spoke up, “Young master, old master had someone send over the newly picked peaches from the estate.”

Last time, old master Lu saw that Tang Yi Yuan liked peaches and did not have the appetite to eat too many, so he had the housekeeper pick some big and red ones and send them over so that Tang Yi Yuan could eat them slowly.

Lu Cheng took a step and happily turned around to go to the kitchen to wash the peaches for his wife.

When Lu Cheng went upstairs with the peaches, Tang Yi Yuan was lying on the sofa reading a book, his white and tender feet wobbling. Lu Cheng really wanted to catch them and nibble on them twice.

When Tang Yi Yuan heard him come in, he unnaturally looked down and flipped through a page of his book, the corners of his mouth pursed up in a curve. Ever since Lu Cheng knew his feelings, he had been embarrassed to look at Lu Cheng.

Lu Cheng looked at the tips of his red ears and could not help but laugh in a low voice, pleasingly handing over the peach.

Tang Yi Yuan took the peach with a red face, bowed his head and ate it one bite at a time, then took a handkerchief and wiped his hands.

Lu Cheng’s eyes couldn’t help but keep staring at him. He had just eaten the peach, his sweet red lips had a thin layer of water, looking very tempting.

A kiss will definitely taste like peach!

Lu Cheng couldn’t help but go over and give him a quick kiss on his mouth, which was really sweet and soft.

Lu Cheng kissed him several times and couldn’t resist pressing him down on the sofa.

Tang Yi Yuan blushed and hugged his neck.

Lu Cheng’s eyes lit up and he eagerly wrapped him in his arms, leaning down to kiss his lips, looking at him and whispering softly: “I want to pamper you.”

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Tang Yi Yuan’s ear lips gradually turned red.

Lu Cheng’s eyes deepened and his voice darkened, “And I want to hurt you too.”

He nibbled lightly on Tang Yi Yuan’s lips, implying that it was clear how he wanted to hurt Tang Yi Yuan.

Tang Yi Yuan’s body turned soft, blushing and pushing back, “It’s daytime now, no ……”

Lu Cheng’s breathing became heavy, his lips couldn’t move away from Tang Yi Yuan’s skin, kissing him twice more before saying, “No one can see……”

His hot lips and tongue wandered along Tang Yi Yuan’s pale neck, his hand touched Tang Yi Yuan’s waist a little, ambiguously caressing it, the kiss gradually going down, his teeth nibbling and grinding on Tang Yi Yuan’s glands.

Tang Yi Yuan’s eyes were closed and his eyelashes fluttered gently as Lu Cheng’s pheromones spread overwhelmingly, his body trembling with excitement.

Lu Cheng’s movements became more and more intense, little Cheng Cheng excited pressed against Tang Yi Yuan’s leg.

When he moved his lips to Tang Yi Yuan’s, a sudden wave of nausea ran down Tang Yi Yuan’s throat and he couldn’t help but blush, rushing away from him and rushing to the bathroom, dry-heaving repeatedly.

Lu Cheng, who was pushed away, froze in place, his face gradually turning white, white……and finally as white as paper.

He, he kissed Tang Yi Yuan and Tang Yi Yuan vomited in disgust?

Is there anything worse than this.

His Omega disliked him and vomited in disgust……Lu Cheng felt the most fatal blow in his life and his whole body shook.

Cheng Cheng was no longer the gorgeous cub, Cheng Cheng was weak, pitiful, and helpless……and wanted to cry.

Tang Yi Yuan dry heaved a few times to stop the nausea, he picked up a glass of water and rinsed his mouth. He touched the small of his stomach, his expression showed a trace of doubt.

Tang Yi Yuan waited for a while and walked out. Then, he saw Lu Cheng standing there with a pale, shaky face, his whole person looked like he had suffered some major blow.

He froze for a moment and hurriedly asked after him: “What’s wrong? Did something happen, or are you not feeling well somewhere?”

Lu Cheng blinked his reddened eyes and his whitened lips trembled, his voice weakly accusing, “You think I’m disgusting……”

“……” Tang Yi Yuan was silent for a moment, sent him a long-awaited blank stare, took the phone and walked out.

He had already given birth to Lu Tang Tang and had some experience with pregnancy reactions, he felt that his recent symptoms of fever, dry heaving and abdominal discomfort might be pregnancy. After all, the time before Lu Cheng lost his memory, he forgot to take protective measures because he was too excited ……

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Tang Yi Yuan’s cheeks reddened at the thought as he picked up his mobile phone and hid in a corner to call Shen Qing.

When the call was answered, he told them about his recent symptoms.

Shen Qing pondered for a moment and said with a smile in his voice, “It’s very likely that you are pregnant.”

Tang Yi Yuan was delighted, although when he was pregnant with Lu Tang Tang, Lu Cheng had seen him struggle and kept saying that he didn’t want any more children. But now that this little one had arrived, Tang Yi Yuan was naturally joyful, this child had come as unexpectedly as Lu Tang Tang had, but both were his precious treasures.

Tang Yi Yuan suddenly remembered the fever before and asked somewhat nervously, “When I had a fever before, I had taken fever-reducing medicine, if I am really pregnant, will it have an effect on the baby?”

Shen Qing smiled, “No, don’t worry, the medicine you took at that time was newly developed, it won’t have any effect on your body or the baby.”

Only then did Tang Yi Yuan put her mind at ease and agreed with Shen Qing to go for a check-up before hanging up the phone.

As soon as the phone hung up, it rang again and it was Lu Cheng’s assistant’s phone call.

When the call was answered, the assistant asked, “Madam, before president Lu’s accident, he had booked a place at the Top Star Restaurant, what should we do now?”

Top Star Restaurant was the best restaurant in the capita. Sitting on the top floor of Top Star Restaurant, one could see the star river. It was a dating holy land for couples.

“Just cancel it.” Tang Yi Yuan thought about it and said, “Lu Cheng probably doesn’t even remember who he wanted to have dinner with when he booked the restaurant now, so it’s useless to keep it.

The assistant politely reminded, “The timing president Lu booked is for tomorrow, he said he wants to give you a surprise on that day, so I think the person he wants to ask out should be you.” .

So Lu Cheng actually wanted to give him a surprise, Tang Yi Yuan’s heart was sweet and he was eager to go and see what surprise Lu Cheng was preparing for him.

“Then keep it……” Tang Yi Yuan bit his lip and hung up the phone, still unable to suppress the smile on his lips.

But tomorrow is neither his wedding anniversary nor his birthday, so why would Lu Cheng prepare a surprise for him?

Tang Yi Yuan looked down in contemplation, his fingers unconsciously turning the ring on his hand.

The ring……he remembered, tomorrow is the day Lu Cheng proposed to him in back then.

Tang Yi Yuan remembered the war-torn situation on the day of the proposal and his heart was both sweet and expectant.

When he returned to the house, Lu Cheng was still standing dumbfounded, not even moving his posture a bit.

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Tang Yi Yuan’s face reddened a little and he coughed lowly, “That……go to dinner with me at Top Star tomorrow.”

Lu Cheng came back to his senses, but still immersed in the blow he had just received, nodded unconsciously. His eyes looked accusingly at Tang Yi Yuan, the bottom of his eyes wispy with aggression.

When Tang Yi Yuan remembered what Lu Cheng said before, he couldn’t help but laugh lightly. However, it wasn’t certain yet if he was really pregnant, he didn’t want to tell Lu Cheng yet that he was just nauseous most likely because he had a baby, so that Lu Cheng wouldn’t have an empty joy.

But Lu Cheng’s current look of deep shock was too pitiful.

He had to walk over, cupped Lu Cheng’s cheek, kissed him heavily on the lips and said with a red face, “I don’t think you’re disgusting, I could never think you’re disgusting in my life.”

Lu Cheng was the man he liked, how could he find Lu Cheng disgusting? He couldn’t even like it enough.

Lu Cheng was gently whispered and coaxed by Omega, and for a moment he felt alive again, and the world that had just become dark became bright again.

Omega didn’t dislike him! Cheng Cheng could spin and jump again!

Lu Cheng looked down at him, “Why?”

Quickly say because you like me.

Lu Cheng’s expectant heart beat violently, although he knew from Ruan Fei’s mouth that Tang Yi Yuan liked him, he wanted more than anything to hear Tang Yi Yuan say he liked him himself.

Tang Yi Yuan pursed his lips, his cheeks reddened. Over the years, whenever he remembered his initial confession, he was shy as hell, so this time he didn’t want to confess first.

When Lu Cheng saw that Tang Yi Yuan did not say anything, he lowered the corner of his mouth in disappointment. Since Omega was shy, he had to settle for the second best, he took Tang Yi Yuan in his arms, lowered his voice and asked, “Then how about continuing what we were doing just now……Ok?”

Little Cheng Cheng was always ready to fight!

Tang Yi Yuan blinked, he might already have a baby in his stomach, so naturally he couldn’t do anything humiliating with Lu Cheng, so he hurriedly pushed Lu Cheng away to keep a safe distance: “You’re not allowed to touch me until you regain your memories.”

Tang Yi Yuan turned around and went to the cloakroom to pick out the clothes he would wear to the Top Star Restaurant tomorrow night.

He was still looking forward to the surprise Lu Cheng had prepared.

Lu Cheng stared blankly at his back.

The little Omega that he was about to devour left his arms once again, and Lu Cheng wanted to cry.

Little Cheng Cheng, it’s Ge Ge’s fault, I’m sorry for your suffering!

T/n: for those who guess that Yi Yuan is pregnant 

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