Tang San Yuan knew nothing about the fans’ cooperation, and only dared to secretly touch the rabbit ears on his head, looking up excitedly to ask Gu An: “What do we play first?”

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Gu An looked around and before he could say anything, the cameraman began, “The programme team has a task for you to do in the amusement park.”

Tang San Yuan froze for a moment, “Why didn’t the director say that before?”

The cameraman was silent, this was something the director added to the script after he knew that Gu An and Tang San Yuan had won first place, he said it was to increase the chances of gossip for Gu An and Tang San Yuan, thus increasing the exposure of the show.

Gu An looked at the cameraman and asked in a light voice without any extra temperature in his eyes: “What is the task?”

The cameraman let out a sigh of relief, pointed to a direction and said, “The first task is to go to a haunted house.”

Tang San Yuan’s eyes widened at this, and he stammered, “Do, do you want it to be so exciting right from the start?”

His favourite small animal was a rabbit, but the thing he was most afraid of was ghosts.

“……Can we change it?” Gu An looked at Tang San Yuan’s slightly whitened little face and couldn’t help but frown.

Tang San Yuan looked at the cameraman with anticipation, quickly say yes ah.

The cameraman looked a little guiltily at him, but still shook his head without hesitation, “Cannot oh.” The director had told him to do so, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Tang San Yuan wanted to cry, how could he think that coming to the amusement park was a happy thing? Not only were there rabbits to tempt him, but there was also a scary place like the haunted house. If he had known he was going to the haunted house, he and Gu An should have tried to get second place, and done nothing but lie down and rest, isn’t that good!

Whether Tang San Yuan wanted to or not, they had to walk in the direction of the haunted house.

The haunted house not far away covers a large area, the black skeleton towering on the roof looks eerie, two eyes flashing red, countless skeleton-like things piled up around it, looks like a mountain of bones, the outside appearance is already so scary, how scary it is inside can be imagined.

Tang San Yuan found it hard to breathe even when he was looking at it from afar, let alone approaching it step by step, he had to dawdle step by step, wanting to walk as slowly as possible.

Gu An felt that the rabbit ears on top of his head were drooping down.

When the staff at the entrance of the haunted house read out the notes to them, Tang San Yuan thoughts couldn’t help but wander away, thinking sourly that in a moment, his brave and fearless Beta image in the eyes of his fans would be gone.

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No way! He couldn’t let the fans down!

The staff finished reading out the notes and opened the gate, and Tang San Yuan took a deep breath.

Tang San Yuan, you can do it!

He finished encouraging himself and lifted his steps to go inside. Although he was prepared, the moment the doors opened, the eerie music and the gust of evil wind that hit him still made his legs go weak involuntarily. He looked at the dark corridor inside and his pupils shook violently, his fingers gripping the rabbit balloon were slightly white from too much force.

His feet stopped, hesitating to take a second step, when a pair of calm, strong hands took his hand. He looked up nervously and met Gu An’s bottomless eyes, which contained a reassuring tenderness.

Gu An patted his hand soothingly, “Follow me, it’s okay.”

Tang San Yuan nodded unconsciously and relaxed slightly.

Gu An smiled and took his hand and walked inside. Tang San Yuan didn’t notice how intimate this gesture was, he just held his hand firmly back, the surrounding darkness, only the warmth of Gu An’s hand was reassuring.

The two of them walked through the dark corridor and finally came to a dimly lit room where Tang San Yuan’s eyes nervously surveyed the surroundings.

This haunted house was built like an abandoned school. After a few steps, they could see a place similar to a classroom. The walls were covered with cobwebs and the desks were covered with bloody handprints. There was a huge red word ‘death’ written on the blackboard in front. Clearly, there was no one, but from time to time, there was a screeching sound of chalk written on the blackboard, just like a teacher was giving a lecture in a place they couldn’t see it.

Tang San Yuan only took a glance and then hurriedly withdrew his eyes, fearing that something scary might suddenly jump out of the classroom.

But as soon as he withdrew his sight, he was slapped by a pair of cold hands behind him. He suddenly stopped, afraid to look back, and a cold sweat broke out. He just didn’t know what to do when he heard a boy behind him say: “Teacher, I don’t know how to do this question, can you come down and teach me?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……” Tang San Yuan screamed miserably, pulling Gu An’s hand and pulling out a never before seen speed to run wildly forward.

The cameraman followed behind them and had a hard time keeping up with their speed.

The camera was shaking from the running and the comments were full of heartache:

[Wicked programme crew, they actually made Yuan Bao enter a haunted house, don’t they know he is very timid? There was a variety show previously that just asked him to read a ghost story and he was so scared that his teeth chattered.]

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[Wu wu wu, feeling distressed for Yuan Bao, he thought he was hiding it well before, but today his love of rabbits and fear of ghosts are all exposed, today is also a day to scold the programme crew.]

[It’s okay, let’s just continue to pretend we don’t know. I’ll send out a few posts later, saying that Yuan Bao acted really well in pretending to be scared for the show’s results.]

[Big V’s1V refers to verified accounts remember to repost it, make sure you don’t let Yuan Bao know that he’s been exposed.]

[……passersby expresses, your family’s artist and fans have such a special relationship oh.]


Tang San Yuan kept running wildly until he exited that classroom. He was panting against the wall to catch his breath, only to find that they had reached a place similar to a school toilet. The toilets were adjacent to each other, surrounded by dimly lit green light. There were mouse cries ringing in his ears from time to time, and the sound of intermittent flushing. But when there was no one here, the water tanks began to flush one by one.

Many eerie and horrifying images came to Tang San Yuan’s mind and he closed his eyes at once, firmly grasping Gu An’s hand as if it were a life-saving straw, he dared not open his eyes and only dared to follow Gu An forward.

Gu An smiled inaudibly, holding his hand going forward step by step, keeping an eye on his feet from time to time, reminding him to pay attention.

The two of them were almost out of the bathroom when the horrible music around them suddenly stopped, and amidst the silence, some rustling sounds gradually rang out. Tang San Yuan’s eardrums swelled and goosebumps were about to rise, at this time a huge horror suddenly exploded above his head, and Tang San Yuan reflexively opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, a long-haired ‘ghost’ with seven orifices bleeding dropped abruptly from the ceiling, its empty eye sockets facing Tang San Yuan, blood gushing out continuously from its huge mouth, and its long tongue sticking out from its mouth.

“……Ahhhhhhhhh daddy!!!” After a brief suffocation, Tang San Yuan screamed frantically and turned around and jumped into Gu An’s arms, his whole body shivering.

Gu An, who was called ‘daddy’, hooked the corners of his lips, if there was a change in scene, Tang San Yuan’s scream would have sounded better.

The ‘ghost’ shrieked miserably and tried to jump over to scare Tang San Yuan, but Gu An gave him a cold look, hugged Tang San Yuan tightly, stroked the back of his neck soothingly, stared at the ‘ghost’ and said in a cold voice: “Scram.”

“Not scramming! Not scramming! I don’t want to scram……” Tang San Yuan firmly hugged Gu An’s waist, buried his head in his arms and trembled, shouting loudly, with an unconscious crying vibrato in his voice, as if Gu An pushed him away, he could immediately cry out.

Gu An smiled helplessly, touched the top of Tang San Yuan’s head and said softly, “I didn’t tell you to scram.”

He finished and once again looked at the staff pretending to be a ghost in a cold and heartless manner.

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Staff: “……” The change of face was so fast.

Gu An’s eyes were like sudden ice and the staff member involuntarily shivered.

Originally, the programme team had already greeted him and told him to scare Tang San Yuan well, but now he hesitated for a moment, he bowed his head in front of the evil force without hesitation and gave up the idea of continuing to scare Tang San Yuan. After all, Gu An’s eyes were too scary and he was afraid of being beaten.

He gathered up his long tongue and moved sharply to climb back up to the ceiling and waited to scare the next person.

Gu An waited for the staff to hide themselves before patting Tang San Yuan on the back, “There, the ‘ghost’ has left.”

Tang San Yuan didn’t dare open his eyes, shrinking into Gu An’s arms and refusing to leave, his voice weakly negotiating, “Then let’s just walk out like this?”

Gu An nodded with a smile, pretending to be reluctant, “Alright then.”

The two walked out hugging each other, Tang San Yuan tightly hugged Gu An’s waist and moved out step by step, whenever a ‘ghost’ ran out to frighten people, Gu An would stare back indifferently and hold Tang San Yuan tightly in his arms.

Gu An was guarding Tang San Yuan all the way like ‘expelling evil spirits’, no one dared to come forward and scare Tang San Yuan, and the two walked all the way out smoothly.

As they approached the door, Gu An suddenly stopped in his tracks and stood still, not moving.

With his eyes closed, Tang San Yuan nervously grabbed his lapel and asked, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you walking anymore?”

Gu An touched the back of his head and said in a serious and solemn voice, “It’s scary here, and I’m also a little scared. Don’t open your eyes, I’ll protect you.”

Tang San Yuan instantly whimpered and hugged him tighter, hating that he couldn’t nestle his body into Gu An’s, and was moved to say, “Gu An you are so nice, thank you for protecting me……”

Cameraman: “……” Won’t your conscience hurt?

The staff at the entrance of the haunted house: “…… “You have such a black heart, I want to expose you.

The fans in the live broadcast couldn’t help themselves:

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[……I think I saw the whole process of my family’s Yuan rabbit being abducted.]

[I must be the reincarnation of a lemon spirit, otherwise why am I so sour ah? I also want to be hugged by Gu An, with Gu An around, I’m not afraid of haunted houses or whatever.]

[I want to accuse your family’s Gu An of bullying.]

[……Idol behaviour, please do not increase fans.]

[I have reason to suspect that they are in a relationship, but I have no proof.]


Gu An stood in place holding Tang San Yuan for a while before embracing him and walking out of the haunted house, “We’re out, open your eyes ba.”

Tang San Yuan slowly opened his eyes, and after adjusting to the brightness outside the house, he finally saw the bright sunlight outside.

He looked back and confirmed that he had really left the dull and unlit haunted house, he couldn’t help but jump happily, his eyes turned into two small curved crescents as he looked at Gu An and said, “Gu An, you’re really a good person!”

Gu An smiled faintly and raised his hand to straighten the rabbit ears on his head.

Cameraman: “……” I don’t know anything.

Fans: “……” Yuan Bao, wake up.


melon: Ahahaha! Baby TSY is so precious And Gu An is so sly

1V refers to verified accounts

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