Tang San Yuan and Gu An continued to follow the program’s task instructions and went on to play roller coasters, maze walking and rafting……They completed these one by one, and it was already dark.

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Tang San Yuan kept in mind the important task of frying CP and cooperated with Gu An throughout the whole process. Not only was he having fun, but he was also a little tired.

He and Gu An were resting on a bench in the amusement park, taking a sip of milk tea from the cup in his hand from time to time, while the cameraman sat on the bench opposite them, holding the milk tea in one hand and shooting relentlessly with the other.

On the summer evening, the breeze is cool and refreshing. Tang San Yuan sips with a straw, squinting comfortably as he raised his head to look at the scenery leisurely.

The sun was setting, colouring the sky red, but the number of people in the amusement park had not decreased at all, instead there were more and more people coming to play at the night park, and it gradually became more and more lively.

The Ferris wheel not far away was lit up and looked beautiful and dreamy, Tang San Yuan couldn’t help but take a few more glances. He had never ridden a Ferris wheel before, but looking at it now, he was suddenly eager to try it.

Gu An finished his coffee and threw it into the bin next to him. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Tang San Yuan staring longingly in one direction. He followed Tang San Yuan’s line of sight to see that the Ferris wheel was slowly turning, many couples walked in that direction side by side.

Gu An’s eyes twitched and he turned to the cameraman who was diligently filming and said, “Xiao San Ge and I are going to ride the Ferris wheel, you’ve been recording for so long and is also tired, don’t follow us, just wait for us here.”

Tang San Yuan happily turned his head to look at Gu An, how come every time he wanted to do something, before he even said it, Gu An already knew it, like he could read minds.

When the photographer heard Gu An’s words, he was moved to wipe the sweat from his forehead, “It’s alright, I can continue!” Although he was indeed tired after following them all afternoon with the heavy equipment, he was a dedicated cameraman and would persevere to the end.

Gu An looked at him with a slightly sunken gaze and said in a tone that brooked no argument, “There’s already enough recording to edit, you sit here and rest, we’ll be back soon.”

He finished without giving the cameraman a chance to retort and stood up, leading Tang San Yuan by the hand.

Tang San Yuan solemnly put the rabbit balloon in his hand into the cameraman’s hand, asking him to protect it well.

The cameraman, with the balloon in his hand, looked at the backs of the two walking away, finally realising after the fact that he was disliked, “……” how it seemed that fate had accidentally turned him into a disliked light bulb.

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Tang San Yuan and Gu An walked to the Ferris wheel, because there were many people on the Ferris wheel, they waited in line for a while. The two of them were wearing masks and now that it was dark, no one noticed their identities. Many of the people lining up around them were couples, holding hands, whispering or kissing from time to time, surrounded by pink bubbles.

Tang San Yuan was so immersed in this ambiguous atmosphere that he couldn’t help but blush and lower his head, not daring to look around anymore. He suddenly remembered how he and Gu An held hands in the haunted house just now, and whether he looked like these couples in the eyes of others……He hurriedly shook his head to banish those images from his mind, but his cheeks couldn’t help but turn even redder.

“Xiao San Ge, what are you thinking about, why is your face so red?” Gu An suddenly lowered his head, his gaze as calm as water as he looked at him.

Tang San Yuan was startled and reached out to touch his burning cheeks in a panic, stammering, “No, no ah……not red……”

His eyes rolled sheepishly as he raised his hand to point ahead and said, “It’s our turn.”

The front of the line happened to be right up to him and Gu An, and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief as he pulled Gu An inside.

Gu An was was unable to stifle a laugh and did not pursue the matter further, following him into the Ferris wheel and sitting down.

The Ferris wheel door was closed and they were the only two people in the enclosed space. Finally, there was no more camera man following them and Tang San Yuan couldn’t help but get excited. Although he had already gotten used to the camera, there were many uncomfortable parts of being filmed all the time like this. Now he relaxes and sits on the long-anticipated Ferris wheel, and he can’t help becoming happy. He looks left and right, and finally unconsciously He smiled at Gu An who was sitting across from him.

Gu An returned the smile, his eyes were filled with a fine soft light.

The Ferris wheel slowly started to run, and Tang San Yuan was not afraid of heights at all. Instead, he happily looked at the ground and the people getting further and further away, and the cameraman with the balloon not far away became smaller and smaller until he could no longer see clearly.

It was fine at the start and the wheel was rising smoothly, but the closer it got to the top, the Ferris wheel gradually started creaking as the machinery ran.

Tang San Yuan’s happy expression slowly froze, the fear he had just felt in the haunted house was still there. When he heard the familiar creaking sound, a feeling of panic set in and he tightly grabbed the railing by his hand in some fear.

That creaking sound grew louder and louder and he was too frightened to move, his eyes timidly staring across at Gu An, as if looking at him could make him feel more at ease.

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“Come here.” Gu An sensed that something was wrong with him and opened his arms to him, then……a frightened little rabbit fell into his arms.

He couldn’t help but curl his lips and hug the person tighter.

After Tang San Yuan jumped into Gu An’s arms without hesitation, he closed his eyes and firmly wrapped his arms around Gu An’s waist. Anyway, there are no cameras or fans here, he can release his fear to his heart’s content. As for Gu An, Gu An not only already knows his secret, but has also seen his timid appearance, he has even less need to painstakingly hide anything in front of Gu An.

Not sure if it was because they had hugged more today that Tang San Yuan unconsciously became closer to Gu An.

He hugged Gu An tightly like this and felt a great sense of security in his heart. The refreshing smell of Gu An’s body filled his nose, which inexplicably made him feel at ease and his fear gradually receded.

He had only known Gu An for two days and he was surprised that he trusted him so much. Moreover, he did not feel repulsed by the physical contact with Gu An. Among the people he had come into contact with in the past, few people had made him feel this way.

He couldn’t help but be thankful in his heart that he had chosen to fry CP with Gu An in the first place, if it had been with anyone else, he would definitely feel very awkward.

Gu An smiled and rubbed the top of his head, embracing him from behind, whispering, “Open your eyes and look outside.”

Tang San Yuan shook his head and refused to open his eyes, the creaking in his ears didn’t stop, he was still a little scared, the creaking in the haunted house was gradually overlapping with the creaking now, sending chills down his back.

Gu An smiled and gently coaxed him, “It’s beautiful outside, open your eyes and take a look.”

Tang San Yuan could not resist the temptation and first opened his eyes a slit, and when he saw the scene outside, he opened them all at once and could not help but let out a small gasp of surprise from his mouth.

The Ferris wheel has reached a high place and the scenery outside is unobstructed. The sky has unknowingly darkened completely, beautiful bright lights shining like a galaxy has lit up outside, meandering like a river. Not sure who set off fireworks in the distance, a large assortment of fireworks burst into bloom in the air, after which fell like a rain of fireworks and dissipated.

“It’s so beautiful……” Tang San Yuan couldn’t help but murmur as he looked out at the beauty.

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He gradually forgot about the horror he felt just now and was attracted by the beauty outside the window, his eyes brightly staring at the fireworks outside, it turned out that the Ferris wheel was really as beautiful as the legends said.

He looked at the fireworks and Gu An looked at him. The fireworks blossomed in his clear, clean pupils, and Gu An’s eyes deepened, and he couldn’t help but hold him close, his lips opening and closing slightly, but in the end he didn’t say anything, only his lips brushed against his white, tender earlobe.

Tang San Yuan was oblivious, his eyes focused on the fireworks outside the window, watching with great interest.

The cameraman stood under the Ferris wheel, reached out and slapped a mosquito that flew into his face, then watched as the two men, who had said they would be back soon, rode round after round on the Ferris wheel with no sign of coming down.

The cameraman: “……” Is it great to have a partner ah? I also want to go home to see my wife.

Everyone in the live broadcast room could only see the Ferris wheel that didn’t stop turning and waited quietly with the cameraman, but the pop-ups were still lively:

[So worried that Yuan Bao will be eaten on the Ferris wheel.]

[Baby, you fight a little, don’t be eaten by the grey wolf! Mom is so worried, you guys come down quickly.]

[An An you don’t worry about the chase, we’ll carry the CP for you! The video and pictures are all ready, we will definitely try to grow your CP army.]

[Your family is so annoying, you all want to take our Yuan Bao away, won’t you be jealous if Gu An has a partner?]

[There will be a partner sooner or later. We can’t have our husband and children on the same bed future1三十亩地一头牛,老婆孩子热炕头 (sān shí mǔ de yì tóu niú , lǎo pó hái zi rè kàng tóu): Thirty acres of land, a cow, wife and children on the same bed; this proverb dates back to 1947 and it represents having a family and living a simple and good life. In this case, author only used the 2nd half and changed wife to husband., but let An An be a loner for a lifetime, right? What’s more, our An An have always been cold and alienated to people, he finally found someone he likes, of course we are willing.]

[The sky is going to rain, the young girl is going to marry, the son wants to fall in love, what can we do, we can only bless ah.]

[……Are all fans so Buddhist nowadays?]

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Gu An and Tang San Yuan played for a long time before they got off the Ferris wheel. A group of Yuan mother fans were worried and stared at Tang San Yuan carefully. Luckily, his clothes were not messed up, his lips were not swollen, there were no hickeys on his neck, and everything was fine except that his cheeks were a little red, the group of mothers finally relaxed.

Gu An and Tang San Yuan had to go back to eat the dinner prepared by Cai Ke Ke and Yue Le Feng, so they couldn’t stay here too long and had to get ready to go back.

Tang San Yuan looked at the stalls on the roadside and said to Gu An, “Let’s buy them some gifts to take back for them?” After all, they were the only two guests who had come out to play, it didn’t seem right to go back empty-handed, they should bring them some gifts.

Gu An nodded and went over with Tang San Yuan. The two of them picked at the stall for a while, choosing two dolls for the Ji sisters, two keychains for Yue Le Feng and Cai Ke Ke, and finally a large rainbow lollipop for each of them.

After the shopping was done, there was no reason for the two of them to delay any longer, they could only walk towards the entrance of the amusement where the programme team’s car was parked. Tang San Yuan regrettably took one step and looked back three times. In fact he wanted to stay at the night park for a while longer, the amusement park seemed to be very interesting with all the lights at night.

Gu An opened the lollipop and handed it to his mouth, pretending to be casual, “I’ll accompany you to play again next time.”

Tang San Yuan’s eyes lit up and he immediately nodded, it would be great if Gu An could still come with him in the future, after all, he had a great time with Gu An today.

Gu An’s lips could not help but reveal a bit of a smile.

Tang San Yuan took the lollipop and licked it, his heart full of anticipation for his next visit to the amusement.


melon: TSY is so soft and innocent he makes my heart squeeze, sigh…such is youth. Where’s my youth?…it went down the gutter…

And that’s why I’m here reading and translating BL novels HAHAHA! Gimme more dog food!

Oh also, we’re at the halfway point of this arc! Although the 2nd half of this arc has some of the longest chapters in this entire novel so it isn’t accurately half

1三十亩地一头牛,老婆孩子热炕头 (sān shí mǔ de yì tóu niú , lǎo pó hái zi rè kàng tóu): Thirty acres of land, a cow, wife and children on the same bed; this proverb dates back to 1947 and it represents having a family and living a simple and good life. In this case, author only used the 2nd half and changed wife to husband.

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