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Leticia grabbed Artizea’s hand and pulled it. And she patted the couch where she usually sits with her palms.

“Oh my.”

Countess Eunice laughed.

Artizea showed a perplexed smile to her and sat down as Leticia told her.

Then, Leticia pulled a cushion and placed it on Artizea’s lap, shouting,

“Mom, book!”

Countess Eunice grinned and said,

“If you and Mother want to read a book, Aunt has nothing to do. Shall I go home?”

The last time, Leticia was crying when she said she was going home. But in the meantime, Leticia has grown once more.

The baby grabbed Eunice with her soft hands and dragged her onto the sofa. She then whimpered and lifted a book lying on the side table.

Artizea’s books are usually of heavy binding, so Leticia almost dropped the book.

“You can’t do that, Miss Leticia. If you do it wrong, you’ll hurt your toe.”

Mielle came quickly and held the book for her.

“Aunt’s book.”

Leticia said, raising her arms high.

“Stay here and read!”

Countess Eunice laughed. Mielle smiled awkwardly and handed over the book.

〈Language and Culture in the Age of Saint Thomas Nathan, Shield of Thold〉

It was a title that looked more like a first page than before. Of course, Countess Eunice was not interested in any of that.

In the first place, she had never been interested in reading in her entire life.

As she quietly placed the book on her lap as instructed, Leticia exclaimed, “Hmm,” as if satisfied.

If she laughs out loud, Leticia will sulk. Leticia crawled back to her seat and tapped the seat next to her. Mielle sat next to her and opened the picture book.

Countess Eunice saw it and sighed.

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“Maybe the princess likes books.”

“She doesn’t know how to read letters, yet. It would be fun to look at the pictures.”

“That’s what Your Majesty says because you don’t know other children. My children were startled when they saw a book from a very young age and ran away.”

Countess Eunice grumbled.

“Paper was of no use except for folding and tearing. Larnie has loved to play outdoors since she was a child, but even if Fiona sits still at home she never reads anything like a book.”

“I see.”

“Actually, my husband and I have had a hard time reading, so I have nothing to say to the children. Like Your Majesty, I wish to have set an example from such a young age.”

“I don’t.”

Artizea made a soft face.

“Because having talent in education does not necessarily guarantee happiness.”

To that, Countess Eunice replied with an ambiguous face,

“I thought that it was only necessary for them to be healthy when they were young. When they grow up, it won’t be like that anymore.”

“I see.”

Artizea thought of her own childhood, so she didn’t really dispute it.

Countess Eunice looked hesitant for a moment. Artizea guessed what she was trying to say and said ahead of her,

“I have no intention of accepting Lady Fiona or Larnie as a lady-in-waiting.”


Countess Eunice voiced her discontent.

“I have heard rumors that Lady Viscount Pescher has come in as a lady-in-waiting.”

“That’s why you came.”

“No, not just that.”

Countess Eunice coughed as if it wasn’t, even after revealing all of her secrets. Leticia opened her eyes brightly and looked at her.

Just then, a knock sounded. The one who opened the door and entered was Lady Viscount Pescher, who has become a hot topic.

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“I have brought tea, Your Majesty.”

“Leave it there.”

Lady Viscount Pescher entered the room with careful steps. The maid followed her in and set the tea tray down on the table.

Lady Viscount Pescher poured hot water into a teacup and heated it. Artizea looked down at the gesture with quiet eyes.

At first, she was so nervous that her hands would tremble. She broke several glasses so much that the maid brought tea set aside some spare.

But now, Lady Viscount Pescher has become quite used to it.

Artizea didn’t really teach or intend to do anything, anyway. She had nothing to do with her education as a noble.

The Empress Dowager has already done enough.

It’s probably been a month or two since she kept her as a lady-in-waiting. The Empress Dowager hoped to add a line in Lady Viscount Pescher’s biography, before her marriage, saying that she was the lady-in-waiting of the Empress.

Artizea herself was the Empress Dowager’s lady-in-waiting before marriage, which she could not refuse.

It was also with the intention of trying to practice acting as a dignified lady in unfamiliar places, by staying away from the Empress Dowager for a few months at Artizea’s side.

She filled a cup shaped like a calyx with red tea. Countess Eunice took the teacup from Lady Viscount Pescher’s hand.

“It smells good.”

“Thank you.”

Lady Viscount Pescher opened the lid of the sugar bowl and walked away. The sugar was not sugar cubes, but sugar crystals dyed in various colors.

“Oh, it’s pretty.”

“It was sent from the South. It seems like this is going to become a new trend again.”

Countess Eunice picked up some sugar and put it in the teacup. Leticia struggled.

“Me! Me!”

“No. It’s sweet, Miss Leticia.”

Mielle tried to catch her, but Leticia slid off the sofa and ran to the tea tray.

Artizea smiled bitterly.

“As you can see, the kids love it, too. I only give her one as a prize…….”

Leticia, with gleaming eyes, clung to Countess Eunice’s lap. Countess Eunice looked at Leticia, looked at Artizea once, then looked back at Leticia again.

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“I can’t give her any, right?”


Leticia grabbed Countess Eunice’s knee and pressed her body against her leg. Artizea quietly shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Princess.”


When Countess Eunice spoke, Leticia let out a mournful voice. Mielle intervened.

“Miss Leticia, then, shall we go eat some fruit?”


“Yes. Let’s go to the kitchen. New fruits must have arrived in the morning.”

Leticia jumped and stood up. And she, excitedly, took Mielle’s hand, and as if she remembered, she turned to Artizea.


“Mom is going to talk with Aunt here, so go with Sister Mielle.”

“I should read a book…….”

“You can read it later in the evening. Mom will read it to you.”

“Really? Promise!”


It wasn’t until their fingers crossed that Leticia wiggled and bounced her behind, grabbed Mielle’s hand and walked out.

After Artizea looked at the back, she laughed and chuckled slightly. Countess Eunice said,

“How could she be so kind? Fiona would have been lying on the floor crying twelve times already.”

“Miss Fiona will be getting engaged soon, and if you keep saying things like that, she will be sad.”

“Even if I claim that she has all grown up to others, she has to act like an adult to be treated as an adult. But really…….”

“No, not in the Empress’ Palace.”

Artizea spoke again.

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“Isn’t it the most desired thing to enjoy wealth as a relative of the Imperial Family comfortably without getting entangled in complicated affairs?”

Countess Eunice bit her lips at those words. Was something really going to happen in the Empress’ Palace?

Well, Artizea has been very quiet all this time.

Although her policy of not doing official activities outside of the protocol hasn’t changed, Artizea has been quietly saying that she only stays inside the Palace, but she’s not one who can’t do anything.

She didn’t think her immature daughters, who had only grown up to be precious, would be able to act sensibly. Seizing a chance was not something anyone could do.

Seeing Countess Eunice, Artizea smiled at her.

“I don’t know what you’re imagining, but probably not.”

“Of course.”

Countess Eunice answered bluntly. Artizea said softly,

“I’m going to bring in some people from the North soon.”

“Oh, from Evron?”

“Yes. I was thinking of picking a couple people as Leticia’s ladies-in-waiting? They will also serve as an escort, and this time they will organize Grand Duchy Evron’s estate as a direct commander, so it is necessary to change a number of people.”

“Aha. Come to think of it, my husband also told me such a story. Your Majesty now wants to entrust the dealings of Grand Duchy Evron’s estate to the upper managements, not the estate officials…”

“Yes. We are going to send a governor in the near future. It’s not about entrusting a vassal as an agent.”

“Oh, come to think of it, until now, the management of Evron’s stronghold was also done by the head of the Empress’ lady-in-waiting, right?”

“Yes. I plan to call her this time. She’s the perfect escort for Leticia.”

Countess Eunice’s mind was busy. As a result, her facial muscles were also very busy.

Artizea took a sip of the tea and looked at her face.

Until the officials dispatched as direct subordinates adjusted to them, the Jordyn family and the old vassals will stay in the Capital.

Finally, what the nobles were worried about is happening. The northern nobles came down and took over the vested interests.

Of course, the kind of thing they worry about won’t actually happen.

‘It’s a perfect blindfold.’

Artizea also looked away from Countess Eunice.

It would be nice if there were no storms. It was also why she did that.

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