Facing the cheers of the crowd, Liao Changyi’s gaze towards Lu Beichen became even more hostile and fierce.

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He winked at his teammate.

The other side made a very obscure OK sign.

Liao Changyi sneered, his words were provocative.

“It’s just the first match. I let you guys win.”

Gu Xiaoye retorted sarcastically, “Yo, if you’re so capable, why don’t you guys get a three-pointer too? You’re just talking. We were also just warming up. Who knew that we could get three points just by casually playing?”

Everyone knew how to talk big.

Liao Changyi’s expression completely darkened.

“Let’s get on with it!”

The competition started again very quickly. Although it was only a competition between the school’s youths, it was still very lively.

However, an accident occurs. Less than three minutes after the match started, a team member on Lu Beichen’s side was suddenly knocked down when he jumped up to catch the ball.

It was inevitable to bump into each other when playing basketball, but they were usually all light bumps.

It wasn’t like this. He had jumped up and was suddenly knocked to the ground with such force that he was stunned. The pain in his body came belatedly, and he fell to the ground, groaning in pain.


“F*ck! What are you doing!”

Gu Xiao walked forward and pushed the guy away. The others went to check on the boy.

“You f*cking did it on purpose!”

The young man was already angry, to begin with, but the other party played dirty in a competition. No one could tolerate this.

The people on the other side also gathered around.

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Liao Changyi did not take this matter to heart at all.

“How can you say that? Isn’t it normal to bump into someone while playing basketball? If you can’t afford to play, don’t play!”

This was obviously a shameless attitude. The boys from Class One clenched their fists in anger. The two sides looked like they were about to fight.

Liao Changyi was not afraid at all. “Tsk, why do you want to fight when you can’t afford to lose? Sure, I’m not afraid anyway. I just don’t know if you good students can bear the consequences.”


“Haonan, how are you?”

Lu Beichen helped him up and asked.

The boy shook his head with a pale face. “Class monitor, I’m fine. I can tolerate it.”

Lu Beichen comforted him while Liao Changyi and the others became even more arrogant.

He patted Haonan on the shoulder and stood straight up, his cold eyes fixed on the man across from him.

“Collisions during basketball are indeed normal.”

Anger simmered in his usually calm eyes. “Someone get Haonan to the infirmary.”

“We’ll do it.”

All the girls in Class One went to help.

Gu Xiao couldn’t take it anymore. “Are we just going to let it go?!”

Lu Beichen’s voice was cold. “Since they can do that, can’t we?”

Gu Xiao reacted and smiled viciously at the person opposite him.

Liao Changyi was disdainful. These people wanted to play dirty? They had to beat him first.

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“But you guys seem to be missing someone now.”

“I’ll do it.”

A soft female voice sounded. Everyone followed the voice.

Lu Xiaocha raised her hand with a lollipop in her mouth. She was fair and soft in the crowd. The way she raised her hand did not look like she was here to play basketball. Instead, she looked like she was preparing to answer the teacher’s question in class. She looked extremely obedient.

Liao Changyi and his lackeys immediately burst into laughter.

“Lu Beichen, are you guys out of people? You actually let a little girl take over.”

The person opposite him spoke in a mocking tone. Liao Changyi stared at Lu Xiaocha with a regretful expression.

“She’s quite pretty. Why does she have such a face?”

He also knew that Lu Xiaocha was good-looking, but he just didn’t like Lu Beichen and the Lu family. Therefore, he had some prejudice against Lu Xiaocha, who looked exactly like Lu Beichen.

Lu Xiaocha retorted in a soft voice, “I’m good-looking, unlike you. Ugly people cause more trouble.”

Liao Changyi’s face darkened. “You motherf*ck-”

“Ew… your mother is here?”

Liao Changyi was furious.

The little girl walked briskly to her brother’s side amidst Wang Lin’s nervousness.

“Let me do it, brother.”

Looking at her, Liao Changyi and the others felt that she was just fooling around.

Gu Xiao and Song Yu were also afraid that she would be injured.

“Sister, this is not a joke. It hurts when we hit each other while playing basketball. If something happens to you, the class monitor will skin us alive.”

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Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

She just looked small!

“Do you have anyone else in mind now?”

Gu Xiao choked.

They had just enough players on their side. If one of them was injured, there would be an additional vacancy. It would be difficult to find anyone right away.

Lu Xiaocha licked her lollipop. “Isn’t that enough?”

Lu Beichen held his forehead. When he met his sister’s dark eyes, he could not reject her. “Do you know how to play?”

Lu Xiaocha smacked her lips and asked sincerely, “I do?”

After watching for a while, she roughly understood the rules, but she had never played before.

Everyone was speechless.

She felt even more unreliable.

However, she joined anyway.

Lu Beichen said, “Song Yu, keep an eye on Xiaocha.”

Don’t be bullied by those bastards.

Song Yu made an OK sign.

The game continued. In the beginning, the two teams were filled with tension. As they played, they became angry.

Especially since the other party was really playing dirty, the students of Class One were naturally unconvinced.

At first, everyone on Lu Beichen’s team consciously did not pass the basketball to Lu Xiaocha. They only thought that she was here to fill the numbers.

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Lu Xiaocha was in no hurry. She strolled around the court, her dark eyes fixed on the situation on the basketball court.

However, when the other party was guarding tightly and Lu Xiaocha was the only one near Gu Xiao, who had the ball, he gritted his teeth and passed the ball over to her.

“Xiaocha, pass it to Song Yu!”

Lu Xiaocha caught the basketball and nodded. As soon as the basketball was in her hand, the other party ran over. The angle at which she ran was also tricky. The two people opposite her could not stop her.

“F*ck! This is strange!”

“Xiaocha here!”

Song Yu shouted. Lu Xiaocha was about to throw the basketball over when a person suddenly rushed out and hit Song Yu again. The speed was impeccable.

Lu Xiaocha narrowed her eyes dangerously and threw the ball with one hand.

The boy was about to hit Song Yu when he suddenly felt a dangerous gust of wind.


The basketball hit him directly. The small basketball sent a 1.6-meter-tall boy flying more than a meter away before stopping.

The boy clutched his stomach and wailed in pain on the ground.

At that moment, everyone could only hear him wailing. The entire basketball court fell strangely silent.

After a long moment, he turned his neck stiffly and mechanically toward the little girl.

Lu Xiaocha’s eyes and tone were extremely innocent. “I’m sorry, I didn’t control my strength well. It’s normal to be knocked down by a basketball on the basketball court, right?”

These words were directed at Liao Changyi, just like what he had said to Lu Beichen and the others previously. However, their positions were now reversed.

“Damn, was I seeing things? He didn’t stop until he flew a meter away from the basketball. His feet were in the air!”

“Are you serious? Why did it look like a movie?”

“They’re Liao Changyi’s people. They can’t act, right? And that pained expression seems real.”

“But Lu Beichen’s sister doesn’t look that strong. Could it be that he’s too weak?”

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