T/N: This is in an interview and forum style. Throughout the interview, Joo Yiwon does not specify the gender (not that it matters as you will see). Therefore, when he is talking about the person, the pronouns will be they/them.

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What is your ideal type?

– A person with a lot of money and spends it well.

I didn’t expect that answer. Don’t you have a lot of money too?

– That’s true, but I don’t know how to spend money well as I’m not used to it. I just save it. I like a person who gives money to people without any care–to the point of seeming foolish–because they were born rich. 

If you weren’t the top guildmaster, it would’ve been a snobbish answer. Then do you just look at money?

– (He laughed for a long time.) No, that’s not it. I like a pretty person. Their skin should be fair and clear. A person who seems cold because the ends of their eyes are slightly slanted up, but is actually warm and soft. I want to take care of that sensitive person. I like someone that I can be a support for. 

It is very specific.

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– I’m just clear on what I’m looking for. Their height should be around 177cm (about 5’10″). I would like them to be on the slim side. I like a person with pretty hands and legs. Oh, and I would also like it if they were a hunter. Because I’m here, their ranking doesn’t have to be too high. B-rank is enough.

The conditions are very strict. 

– I’m not that picky. I’m planning to treat them to just as high of a standard as I’m looking for. If we end up marrying, I’m even thinking of retiring and becoming a supportive wife.1

Losing Hunter Joo Yiwon is a big loss for the hunter world. I feel like we have to hope that you guys don’t work out.

– There’s not a chance that it will work out soon. The other is like an iron wall. (Laughs.) 

Truthfully, there aren’t many hunters that fit those conditions. 

– That’s true. But I’m not planning to lower my standards. I like a person who fits all of these conditions. If not, I’d rather live alone. 

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Actually, from what I know, there is one person who fits those conditions.

– It’s probably the person you’re thinking about. (Laughs.)

Is it okay for you to admit it outright like that?

– A person should be honest. I don’t lie. My dream since I was young was to marry that person. I don’t plan on dating anyone else before that.


Title: Just say that your ideal type is Shin Jiho

We all know that you two are dating.

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– Are Joo Yiwon and Shin Jiho really dating each other?

- Do you really think that’s possible? He only said that because he gets asked that frequently and he’s sick of scandals lol2

--Anyone can see that he wants to marry Shin Jiho? He probably would’ve answered if they asked for the name;

– The way I see it, they’re really dating

- Bullsh*t

-- What else would it be then?

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--- Stop being delusional

– It’s not a delusion, it’s real. Look at Joo Yiwon’s expression (picture)

_Shin Jiho will probably get pregnant soon…

__ The two should marry so that Korea can become a nation with six S-ranks

___ They’re both men so they can’t get pregnant

____ Why are you so serious? This dumba** is the most serious one here


1. The word used here is “내조,” which roughly means “wife’s help.” This is used specifically to describe when a wife supports her husband in something (which means that JYW is DEDICATED, dedicated).

2. Koreans use “ㅋㅋㅋ” in text to indicate laughing. Read out loud, it sounds like the letter k. I will stick to lol for now.

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