Ch25.3 - Little Sugar Cake Refuse to go to Prison to Make a Living (3)

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Sunnyshies:  Warning!!! Warning for Pet lovers!! Especially for cat people!!! This chapter is full of scenes of animal abuse! And also Warning: Trigger Warning for attempted Rxpe!! I think it also includes kidnapping.

Ah! I should also warn readers for cliff hanger? hehehe… 

Little Sugar Cake originally planned to visit Deng Hui’s neighborhood again tonight, who knew that bad news would come from the cat group in the afternoon.



Silly Bai Tian is gone!

Little Sugar Cake and Xiao Hei squatted in front of Deng Hui’s house. 

Xiao Hei said in frustration: “It’s all my fault. Originally I was in the same group as Silly Bai Tian. I just went to catch a bird, but when I turned around, I found that Silly Bai Tian was gone.”


Little Sugar Cake’s tail twitched anxiously.

Not that they make a big deal out of it, a kitten just escaped and Silly Bai Tian is now gone.

Moreover, Silly Bai Tian is a very clingy cat, and has no precautions against humans, and is easily deceived by humans.


And Silly Bai Tian is born a short-legged cat. It even requires Xiao Hei to hold it in its mouth just to jump through the fence. If it encounters danger, it is probably not as good as the kitten, and it can’t escape.

He also thought about looking for the butler grandpa, but Silly Bai Tian is a stray cat. Even the butler grandpa has no reason to break into Deng Hui’s house just to find Silly Bai Tian.

Little Sugar Cake made up his mind and decided to sneak in to take a look first. He then said to Xiao Hei: “You wait here, I’ll go and take a look. If something goes wrong, you go to my house to find the butler grandpa immediately.”

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Xiao Hei hesitated: “It’s too dangerous, I’ll go in with you.” 

The white kitty proudly raised his head and shook his fluffy tail: “I’m your boss, of course I’m going.” After saying that the snow-white kitty jumped out.

Xiao Hei looked stupidly at this little kitty even smaller than itself.

It thought, it’s back looked much stronger than the cow cat.

It is their luck to have such a boss! 

Xiao Hei thought, and was a little moved.

The next second, the white cat, who descended the stairs majestically, stumbled on his left and right feet. After a few somersaults, the white cat got up and shook the dust on his body, and continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.

Xiao Hei sighed.

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His heart beat like a drum, is this really okay? 

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Cibcu atf nfcalijalcu klcvbk bo Gfcu Lel’r tberf, Olaaif Veujg Jjxf aewyifv lcab Gfcu Lel’r tberf. 

Deng Hui’s house was very luxuriously furnished, as if he was afraid that others would not know he was rich. There was nothing special about the room.

But there was a dirty rope in a corner of the living room that had been bitten off.

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Little Sugar Cake leaned in and sniffed, then anger flashed in his eyes. It was the smell of the calico kitten’s blood.

It is indeed Deng Hui! 

If Silly Bai Tian was here, where could it be locked in?

Little Sugar Cake searched everywhere, and finally found a dark room at the back of the corridor. The dark room was not locked, Little Sugar Cake heaved a sigh of relief and opened the dark room. As soon as Little Sugar Cake entered, he smelled a strong scent of blood.

It was the scent of the same kind.

Climbing to the mottled and blood-stained table, Little Sugar Cake turned on the light, and was immediately stunned by the sight in front of him. 

There were bloodstains everywhere in the small room, all kinds of strange objects were placed on the table. The metal tools were stained with blood and there was a closed camera in the middle of the room.

Sure enough, it was Deng Hui——

Those missing kittens, I am afraid they all fell into bad luck. 

But why did Deng Hui hurt them?

A dirty cage was placed in the corner, on top of which was placed a cloth that couldn’t be determined the color, and bloodstains spread under the cage.

Little Sugar Cake was stunned, could it be——

Silly Bai Tian is so cute and has never hurt anyone. 

He trembled as he walked by and lifted the rag with his paws. The cage was empty and Little Sugar Cake was relieved.

He walked around the room from start to finish, but he didn’t find Silly Bai Tian, nor smell Silly Bai Tian.


He went back to the dark room and examined it carefully.

The camera in the dark room caught his attention. Could it be, Deng Hui still wanted to record everything? 

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He found a tablet on the table, then opened it, and there were all kinds of videos in it. Little Sugar Cake couldn’t help but clicked one, and then there was a miserable cry of a kitten in the video.

In order to make sure that there is no Silly Bai Tian in them, Little Sugar Cake resisted the discomfort and opened them all.

After watching it, Little Sugar Cake could not understand how there are such cruel people. Those kittens were also living beings, it’s okay to dislike them, but why hurt them?

Is it just to satisfy their twisted pleasure? 

Deng Hui is sane on the surface, but he actually does such a thing behind the scene.

Determined to announce this matter, Little Sugar Cake held the table in his mouth and was ready to go back the same way.

Unexpectedly, just as he was about to leave the dark room, he found a noise coming from the living room.

Deng Hui is back. 

Little Sugar Cake returned to the dark room.

He wasn’t afraid of Deng Hui. Deng Hui might not even beat him one-on-one. Moreover, he has a locator in his body. After missing for a long time, Fu Xiao will follow the locator to find him.

But Little Sugar Cake didn’t want to be in conflict with Deng Hui, after all, he still wanted to take the tablet out.

Deng Hui didn’t come back alone, there seemed to be a woman’s voice. 

But they seem to be in an argument.

Little Sugar Cake came out along the corner of the wall with the table in his mouth, and found that Deng Hui was pulling Fang Yun’s clothes, and Fang Yun was struggling desperately and shouting: “Don’t——”

Fang Yun was almost desperate at the moment, who could save her?

She is from Xingcheng’s batch of interns, and was assigned to Deng Hui as his subordinate. Deng Hui evaluation is crucial for her to stay in the company, so she had been aggrieved all the time. Her mother is still ill, and she really needs her job in Xingcheng, so she really can’t tear her face with Deng Hui. 

She was obviously very careful. After what happened yesterday, she would never be alone with Deng Hui.

Today, Deng Hui asked her to go to his house and help him get a document. She thought that she would go back alone, so she agreed, but she never expected Deng Hui to follow her.

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Is there really no way?

Fang Yun looked at the fruit knife on the coffee table, she stretched out her hand to hold the handle of the knife, and held it in the palm of her hand. With a sigh in her heart, she was about to stab Deng Hui’s back—— 

No matter how, either the fish dies or the net spills today, she will never let Deng Hui off.

Let’s die together!

At this moment, a snow-white figure leaped up, and jumped to Deng Hui’s body, and gave him a vicious claw.

“Ah!” Deng Hui let out a miserable cry and crawled up covering his face. 

It’s the white cat from yesterday.

Fang Yun still had an impression of this cat, and it was this cat that saved her yesterday.

Fang Yun was stunned at first, and then she immediately got up. When the cat jumped on Deng Hui, it threw a white tablet at her. She let go of the knife and held the tablet blankly.

The white kitten turned towards the door, meowing at her. 

Fang Yun reacted and ran to the door.

Deng Hui was about to chase after her, but the long-haired cat, which looked soft and white, hunched over and growled at him, blocking his way out.

While he was hesitating, Fang Yun already ran away.

Deng Hui kicked the coffee table next to him in annoyance. He looked at the white cat, who looked weak and was only bluffing at first glance, and let out a strange smile. 

The white cat has fluffy and clean fur and a delicate appearance. It looks like a domestic cat, what kind of fighting power can it have?

The cat he just picked up last night ran away, so let’s replace it with this cat that broke his good deeds.

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