Ch25.4 - Little Sugar Cake Refuse to go to Prison to Make a Living (4)

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Fang Yun ran several hundred meters away before she realized that she escaped. What about the kitten?

Deng Hui will definitely not let it go. 

She looked around and saw a man coming with an orange cat. She ran over in a panic, she was breathing heavily and her words were incoherent: “Help us, over there, over there.”

After she finished speaking, she took the man and ran to Deng Hui’s house.



The man she was pulling was Fu Wei. Although Fu Wei was at a loss, he still followed after seeing the girl’s panicked appearance.

Along the way, Fang Yun was about to cry. 

The little white cat must not have an accident. If something happens to the little white cat, she will feel guilty for the rest of her life. When she arrived at Deng Hui’s gate, the door was half-closed, but Fang Yun already saw blood on the white marbled floor.


Fang Yun felt a chill in her heart.

It’s over!

Still late!


Fu Wei frowned and was about to ask Fang Yun about the bloodstains.

Fang Yun said angrily: “It was made by that beast Deng Hui!”

Fu Wei, who was one step ahead of Fang Yun, pushed open the door, and after seeing the scene inside,  his expression became wonderful all of a sudden.


Fang Yun grabbed Fu Wei’s arm nervously and almost cried and asked: “Is the kitten still alive?” 

Fu Wei pushed all the doors open with a complicated look.

Fang Yun was stunned by the scene inside the door.

The white kitty had its back on them. Although it was somewhat in a embarrassed state, with a dazzling bloodstain on its left hind foot, it stood proudly on the body of the bid man lying on the ground. And Deng Hui, a seven-foot man, lay on the ground in pain, covering his blood-stained face, his shirt was also torn open by sharp claws, leaving a trail of blood.

Deng Hui was huddled together in pain at this time. When he saw someone coming, he panicked: “Save——” 

Before he could finish, the white cat slammed its paw again.

Under the white cat’s tyrannical abuse, Deng Hui did not dare to move or make a sound. As long as he spoke or moved, he would be severely scratched.

He desperately winked at Fu Wei and Fang Yun, hoping they could save him from this devil.

The helpless, weak and pitiful little white cat was squatting on the man’s back with disgust at this moment. Reluctantly, it carefully wiped its paws on the man’s clothes, and it turned to look at Fu Wei and Fang Yun at the door—— 

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The action of Little Sugar Cake wiping his paws momentarily stiffened.

He stepped on Deng Hui’s face as if nothing had happened, and walked to Fang Yun’s side, then comforted the girl who had just been frightened with his paws.


It’s all right.

Fang Yun was stunned for a moment, then she hugged the little white cat and flopped her head on its body, sobbing uncontrollably. Only she herself knows what happened to her just now. If she really stabbed down that knife, her life will really be ruined by this scum. 

The little kitty in her arms patted Fang Yun, then it sighed and licked Fang Yun’s tears.

Stop crying!

Mom said that every girl’s tears are very precious.

Don’t let it flow down so easily. 

However, Little Sugar Cake turned to look at the cat in Fu Wei’s arms, it was Silly Bai Tian!

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Little Sugar Cake immediately understood, Fu Wei was the fool in Silly Bai Tian’s mouth.

Me Qfl ibbxfv ja Olaaif Veujg Jjxf lc tbggbg.

Llr fivfra ygbatfg’r mja lr lcvffv j wbcrafg! 

Me Qfl abemtfv Zlwl, ktbw tf tjv pera qea j mja aju bc, lc tlr jgwr. Lf ibbxfv ja tlr meaf jcv rboa mja, jcv kjr gfilfnfv, cba jii mjar jgf wbcrafgr ilxf tlr fivfg ygbatfg’r mja.

His mood was really complicated. Fu Wei originally thought that Fang Yun was the victim, but now, looking at Deng Hui, no matter how thick-skinned he was, he couldn’t say such a thing.

Fu Wei asked stiffly towards Deng Hui: “What’s wrong?” 

Deng Hui said with a bloody face: “I——”

Before he could finish saying a word, the white kitten in Fang Yun’s arms, with big blue almond eyes, looked at Deng Hui casually, and Deng Hui shook involuntarily.

Fu Wei:  …

Did he just see a cat threatening a person? 

Fu Wei could only speak first: “What happened?”

Deng Hui had already recognized Fu Wei. As the second son of the Fu family, Fu Wei had been to the company several times. Deng Hui gritted his teeth and stood up. He couldn’t let Fang Yun say anything first. In case Fu Wei knew, what good fruit would he have in Xingchen.


He panicked when he saw the tablet in Fang Yun’s hand, but quickly calmed down. As long as she didn’t see the video, it’s just a normal table. He rolled his eyes and inverted black and white: “Second Young Master, you have to do something for me, ah. This woman is an intern I took in. She is usually indiscreet, and she colludes with others. She followed me home today and said she wanted to get closer to me.”

“I am someone who has a girlfriend. Of course I refused, but she actually tore off her own clothes and said that if I didn’t agree with her, she would tell others that I forced her. I am really wronged.” 

“Afterwards, a mad cat came out of nowhere and attacked me desperately. I don’t know anything.”

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Fang Yun cried and said: “You lie!”

Deng Hui said coldly: “I didn’t lie, otherwise why would you come to my house? Could it be that I can force a big living person to come to my house?”

“It was you who asked me to take the documents.” Fang Yun’s voice became weaker as she spoke, and she also realized that no one knew that Deng Hui asked her to come back to take things. Deng Hui did it on purpose, and he had planned everything for a long time. 

Fang Yun thought desperately that even if she sued Deng Hui, there would be no evidence.

Deng Hui’s eyes were full of ridicule, and with his blood-stained face, he looked very strange: “Don’t frame me, everyone knows that I never bring things home from work, so how can I ask you to help me get things.”

Fu Wei hesitantly looked at Fang Yun. With his position, he has also encountered some women who set him up; he really can not rule out the possibility of Fang Yun setting this up.

Now each side has their own reasoning. 

Little Sugar Cake looked at Fu Wei in shock.

Does he believe this nonsense?

The Silly Baitian in Fu Wei’s arms covered his forehead desperately.

What should I do if I feel ashamed of my own owner? 

Deng Hui did not relent and said: “Fang Yun, I see that you and this cat are acquainted. I haven’t yet settled with you on the cat’s injury to me.”

“Who wants to settle accounts with my cat?” A cold male voice came from outside, and Xiao Hei was under his feet.

Well done, Xiao Hei!

With joy in his eyes, Little Sugar Cake crawled out of Fang Yun’s arms and jumped vigorously to the ground. 

Immediately after, the white little kitty that had just landed, took two steps in a row, as if remembering something, its movement froze, and then it limped on its left hind foot and limped pitifully towards Fu Xiao.

Fu Wei:  …


He swears that the cat’s left hind foot was just fine!

Fu Xiao took Little Sugar Cake. The kitten, who was always clean and beautiful, was now dirty, its fluffy fur was stained with blood, and was stuck together. In particular, there is a wound drawn by a sharp tool on its left hind foot. Although it is not very deep, it does make Fu Xiao heartache. 

“President Fu.” Deng Hui panicked.

He looked at President Fu and at the cat in his arms.

No wonder the cat looked familiar, but I didn’t expect it to be President Fu’s cat!

Fu Xiao looked at Fang Yun, whose face was full of tears, and looked at Deng Hui with disgust. Last night, Secretary Zhang investigated many things about Deng Hui. After he took over Xingchen from old master Fu, the investment branch has always been the responsibility of the senior executives of the company. It was not good to move those senior executives as soon as the old man left. It has been delayed until now, but he never imagined that the internal management of the branch companies under the senior executives would be so chaotic. 

He should also properly rectify those branches. Such people like Deng Hui in Xingcheng are simply a disgrace to Xingcheng.

He looked down at Fang Yun.

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Fang Yun whispered, “President Fu.” She was also in the Xingchen Group, so she naturally knew how powerful Fu Xiao was. She never dreamed of having the opportunity to speak to Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao nodded towards Fang Yun, then he lowered his voice and said: “I’ll give you two choices. First, since this kind of thing happened in Xingchen, I will compensate you for a sum of money, and then everything will be treated as if it never happened. Of course, I will handle Deng Hui. Second, I will provide you with a team of lawyers and all the costs of the lawsuit to help you sue Deng Hui. You don’t have to be stressed, just choose what you want.” 

Fang Yun’s eyes moved.

Does President Fu believed her?

Fang Yun looked at Deng Hui with a panicked face, and her eyes gradually became firmer: “I choose the second.”

Fu Xiao nodded imperceptibly, and approval flashed across his eyes. 

Deng Hui panicked: “President Fu, it’s not like that.”

Fu Xiao’s voice was filled with a touch of disgust: “Whether or not it is true, you will naturally meet with the court.”

Deng Hui squatted on the ground in despair, he was finished. He forced himself to think calmly that they had no evidence, how could it be easy to sue himself.

Now that he has torn his face with Fu Xiao. 

Deng Hui no longer covered it, his face was full of blood and he said angrily to Fu Xiao: “But President Fu, what about the fact that your cat scratched me? I’m suing your cat for intentionally attacking someone.”

Fu Wei couldn’t help but agree: “Brother, your cat really needs to be disciplined, it’s too wild.”


The blood on Deng Hui’s face was not fake.

Fu Xiao said coldly: “Who saw my cat attack you. My Little Sugar Cake is very good, it’s so small, how can it beat you? Perhaps you’ve been caught by some other feral cat and you just want to blame it on Little Sugar Cake.” 

Little Sugar Cake cooperated with Fu Xiao’s words, he opened his blue eyes, wagged his tail and gave everyone an innocent meow.

He’s so cute, how can he scratch someone?

Deng Hui turned red and said: “You are bullying people.”

Fu Xiao looked at Little Sugar Cake’s wound with pain, and a mocking smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Do you think this is bullying? You can stop going to work tomorrow. I will inform you now that you have been fired.” 

Fu Wei took a breath. The company has company rules and regulations, so it’s not good to dismiss at will. He said to Fu Xiao: “Brother, it’s not good for the company’s system.”

Fu Xiao glanced at him lightly: “In the company, I am the system.”

Fu Wei was shocked, he took a deep breath, but he still insisted: “There is no evidence for the matter, brother, you can’t fire employees at will.  As soon as this trend opens——”

Deng Hui’s eyes lit up with hope: “Yes, it can’t be like this.” 

Fu Xiao looked at Fu Wei and said meaningfully: “How do you know that I have no evidence?

Deng Hui’s face stiffened, it was impossible, they couldn’t have evidence.

Breaking free from Fu Wei’s body, the two cats, Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei started licking and kissing each other affectionately.

Then Silly Bai Tian’s paw accidentally stepped on the switch of the tablet. 

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The video that was paused by Little Sugar Cake on the table started again, and the mournful cat meowing in the video came out.

Deng Hui’s face turned pale, and he even knelt and crawled to grab it.

However, Fu Wei took the lead to pick up the tablet, and watched what Deng Hui cruelly did to those kittens in the video. He felt a chill in his heart,  flooded with a burst of nausea.

How can someone be so sick like this? 

Fu Xiao covered Little Sugar Cake’s ears and said coldly to Fu Wei: “Is this evidence? If it’s not enough, I still have a lot of evidence.”

Deng Hui fell to the ground like a pool of mud.


How strong is Fu Xiao’s legal team? He knows very well that his conviction is almost a certainty.

He knew he was done. 

The matter was solved perfectly. After his wound was bandaged, Little Sugar Cake still had time to catch up with the episode of the dog blood drama “Crystal Love”.

The ruthless villainous president in the TV drama made concrete pillars of people who disagreed with him and sank them into the deep sea.

Looking at it, Little Sugar Cake sighed.

Listening to Fu Mingming, this villain president paid a terrible price for all the bad things he did. 

So things that violate the law and discipline really can’t be done.

Holding the dried small fish that butler grandpa specially made to heal his wounds and strengthen his nutrition, Little Sugar Cake ran off the sofa and walked several steps in a row. Then he remembered the set up he made to the injury to his hind foot, he almost forgot.

He glanced suspiciously left and right, and Little Sugar Cake found that no one saw it. Only then did he feel relieved, he then raised his left hind foot with bandages, and limped hypocritically to Fu Xiao’s study.

He was too witty,  pretending to be hurt very badly, but instead of scolding him, Fu Xiao asked the kitchen to improve his meals. 

The smug Little Sugar Cake walked to the door of the study, and was about to get in, when he suddenly heard Fu Xiao’s voice talking to someone in the study: “Deng Hui”, “sea”, “cement”.

Little Sugar Cake shuddered, thinking of the scene in the TV drama just now! Could it be that Fu Xiao wanted to make Deng Hui a cement pillar and sink him into the sea?

He wept as he thought.

Omg, ah! 

Big smelly socks!

You can’t do anything illegal!

If you are locked in, what will happen to the small dried fish for the rest of my life?

I don’t want to go to jail to make a living, ah! 

Sunnyshies: Fu Xiao is really cool! And its now the beginning of Little Sugar Cake’s misconception of Fu Xiao’s integrity! But its great that his view of Fu Xiao didn’t change the slightest.

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