Chapter 271:  The young master is chasing happiness

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The next day, Lian Fang Zhou, Ah Jian, Lian Ze, and the others planned to take Cui Shao Xi around for a day or two before sending him home.

Who knew that just as everyone sat down for breakfast, they would hear a child’s voice shouting outside the yard: “Sister Fang Zhou, Sister Fang Zhou, your family has a visitor!”

Hearing the sound of a carriage stopping outside, Lian Fang Zhou and the others were startled.

“Visitors?” Lian Ze sneered, “Why are there so many guests at our house!”

Everyone hurried to get up and go outside to look. At a glance, they saw a visitor wearing a tulle hat, a begonia-red jacket embroidered with flowers and butterflies, and a pink embroidered, plum-pleated skirt step out of a carriage, holding a maid’s hand. Lian Fang Zhou felt her heart drop and her face changed immediately.

Beside her, Cui Shao Xi’s face also changed.

It was Cui Yi who blurted out: “Miss Biao!”

“Who? Who is that? Which lady?” Third Aunt asked as she stared at the girl, her eyes reluctant to move. The girl had a slender waist and elegant demeanor. The clothes she wore were all luxurious and though they could not see her hairstyle, they could see the hairpin ring decoration holding it. There was also a beautiful jade tied to her belt and a turquoise jade bracelet on her wrist that even a fool could see was of great value.

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Ah Jian glanced at Lian Fang Zhou, who was a little pale, and whispered to Third Aunt: “That is the eldest lady of the Su family, the sister-in-law of Fang Zhou’s cousin.”

“So it turns out to be the young lady of the Su family! No wonder she has such a fairy-like beauty!” Third Aunt exclaimed.

Ah Jian couldn’t help but frown slightly. Young Lady Su’s temper was not good. Upon hearing that she was from the Su family, Third Aunt had relaxed her tone and showed a little joy, thinking that since the Su family was willing to lend Fang Zhou money, all of the Su family must be friendly to their family. However, Third Aunt’s temperament was a little frizzy…

“Third Aunt, Young Lady Su’s temper is not small! For the sake of their face, we’d better stay away from her and let Fang Zhou deal with it!” Ah Jian sighed quietly.

“Ah? Oh, oh!” Third Aunt nodded, her eyes still not moving away from Su Xin’er. Her expression was full of envy and fascination with a noble lady’s demeanor.

Ah Jian shook his head slightly and stopped speaking.

Though she was crying secretly in her heart, Lian Fang Zhou smiled and called out ‘Young Lady Su!’ to greet her.

But Su Xin’er did not even look at her, nor did she acknowledge her greeting. She gently took offer her veiled hat and handed it to the maid beside her before walking towards Cui Shao Xi with a smile. Softly, she said: “Cousin! Cousin! So you are really here? Why didn’t you tell me?”

A trace of impatience flashed in Cui Shao Xi’s eyes as he avoided Su Xin’er hand that reached for his arm. He frowned: “Why are you here?”

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Su Xin’er’s pretty little face was dyed with a faint red glow, looking extremely pitiful and lovely. She tilted her head slightly, causing the pendent on her head, made of a pearl the size of a thumb, to swing gently, making her look even more charming.

“Cousin, of course I’m here to find you!” Su Xin’er pouted cutely, glancing around at random. She frowned in disgust and said: “Cousin, how did you come to be here? This is such a dirty place! Dirty and messy, worse than our stable! Cousin, why don’t we go back?”

When Su Xin’er said these words, her voice was loud and clear as a bell and she didn’t hold back any offense at all, as if it was natural for her to say these words when she saw such a situation!

As for Lian Fang Zhou and the others, she didn’t even glance at them from the corner of her eyes.

Third Aunt’s gaze, which had been full of envy and awe when she looked at Su Xin’er, immediately changed. She was so angry that she started to open her mouth, ready to say something.

Ah Jian had been watching Third Aunt closely and paying attention to her reactions. When he saw her face change, his eyes narrowed and he hurriedly said in a low voice: “Third Aunt, don’t make things difficult for Fang Zhou!”.

Although Su Xin’er’s words were hurtful and careless, in the end she was Fang Qing’s cousin-in-law and the daughter of the Su family!

Third Aunt snorted softly but bit back the words she wanted to say and turned around to walk into the house.

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Lian Ze also found the situation boring and left to find an empty space in the backyard.

Lian Fang Zhou had heard her but didn’t step forward. Young Lady Su had come for Cui Shao Xi and wouldn’t care about her feelings, so it was best to just leave this to Cui Shao Xi to deal with!

Cui Shao Xi’s face sank. Coldly, he said: “How can you talk like this?”

Su Xin’er bit her lip aggrievedly and said, unconvinced: “I’m telling the truth! It’s dirty here and there is no place to go! The smell is also very unpleasant! Cousin, what is your identity? How is this a place for my Cousin to stay? Let’s just go, okay? I don’t want to stay here at all!”

“You want to leave, then go! I didn’t ask you to come!” Cui Shao Xi was pale with anger: “You are so courageous, coming here secretly!”

“Didn’t I come to find Cousin? Otherwise, I wouldn’t come to such a place!” Su Xin’er pouted again and glanced up at Cui Shao Xi with a hurt look. Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows and her whole person changed again. Her face was now radiant as she glanced at Cui Shao Xi shyly, saying softly: “Cousin, don’t you care about me? Don’t worry, I came along the official road, so it was okay. I’m the eldest daughter of the Su family, who would dare to be rude to me?”

With that, she started to beg Cui Shao Xi to leave again.

She had obviously misunderstood his meaning! Helpless and embarrassed in front of Lian Fang Zhou, Cui Shao Xi struggled to think of what to do.

Lian Fang Zhou saw that Su Xin’er’s words were becoming more and more unpleasant while Cui Shao Xi was becoming colder and more distant. It was pointless to let them continue such a stalemate. Sighing softly to herself, she said: “Young Master Cui, our rural area is very simple and not to the taste of you and Young Lady Su, you should go back first!”

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“Yes, yes, Cousin, let’s go back!” Su Xin’er raised her eyebrows and smiled widely. She glanced at Lian Fang Zhou and after a moment she suddenly realized who she was: “Ah, I remember you! Your cousin is my sister-in-law, right? This is your home? It’s really crude!”

“Yes…” Lian Fang Zhou smiled faintly. She really didn’t know what to say to this kind of spoiled young miss who was born with the blessings of heaven.

“Su Xin’er!” Cui Shao Xi took a sharp breath. Face calm, he said: “Let’s go.”

He glanced at Lian Fang Zhou apologetically, his smile bitter. If they stayed any longer, who knew what Su Xin’er would say? Besides, he knew Su Xin’er’s temper. He didn’t want to go along with her, but he couldn’t make things difficult for Lian Fang Zhou.

“Yes! Good, good!” Su Xin’er was very happy, smiling brightly at him.

“Go slowly!” Lian Fang Zhou nodded, smiling faintly at them both.

TN: I think one reason I like CSX is that he is honestly trying to make things better for LFZ, even though he can’t see the forest for the trees. Characters like SX and XQ are more annoying because the author makes a point of showing how spoiled and self-centered they are. I do think they have the potential to be interesting, well rounded characters but the author has not done so at this point. Maybe the author has a bias against female side interests?

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