Waking up as Cinderella's Stepsister - Chapter 6.4

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My closed eyelids trembled at the soft and warm sensation of bare skin. In between sweet sighs, he poured out a breathtaking kiss.

As he was about to take off my clothes with our lips overlapped, he saw the tightly crossed laces and groaned.

I laughed and shook my shoulders at his cute appearance, but I had to tense up at the end of his patience as he untied all the laces. The blue eyes staring at me were full of burning desire.


The clothes that were hanging from my shoulder grazed my side and fell over my waist. Even the chemise I was wearing underneath was removed, and I felt a chill as my upper body was exposed.

He touched my neck and shoulder with his big hand, and he bowed his head and kissed me, and then stroked the tip of my chin and collarbone with his teeth.

Licking my collarbone with the tip of his tongue, he lowered his lips to the raised nipple. He opened his mouth and suddenly swallowed my breast, sucking it straight as if he was inhaling nectar, then rolled the upright nipple with his tongue.

“Ah, haa.”

I twisted my body as I exhaled continuously at the itchy yet thrilling sensation.

With one of my breasts in his mouth, he rubbed my other soft breast. The bouncy, buoyant breast was twisted as he massaged them.

His movements were careful, but his palms, which had been forged with weapons for a long time, were rough and hard. I rather liked the rough feeling, so I bent my back and responded to him.

“How can human skin be so soft?”

Mumbling, he then moved over to my flat stomach and licked me all over with his tongue. It was like a puppy in front of a delicious snack who was savoring it little by little, because he wanted to eat it sparingly.

I wanted to do something for him instead of just enjoying it myself.

But I just tightened my arms that was holding his neck. Since I was a aristocratic young lady, I couldn’t go around yelling, 'Now, take off the rest of my skirt and come inside me!'

His head, which gradually went downward, went down to the area around the navel. After a moment's hesitation, he abruptly tucked his head into my skirt.


My body, which was half-sitting on the bed, bounced back. It was because his tongue suddenly invaded the inside of my thigh.

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The tongue, which came in through the underwear, hit the peak. It was possible because the bottom of the underwear was open.

Stimulating the apex hidden between the petals with his tongue, he sucked it hard, and the love juice flowed out from the wet spring. My toes were numb and I couldn't come to my senses.

“Ah, uh, uhn.”

He shoved his tongue into the inner walls and drank the flowing flower water.

Slurp. Slurp. My face heated up at the sound of nakedness.

“Huh, ha….”

Unable to overcome the excruciating pleasure, I shook my hips and squeezed only the pitiful bed sheet.

Stimulating the peak with his tongue, he rubbed the entrance where the love liquid was flowing with his finger. Then he slowly shoved his fingers into my shuddering inner wall.

“Hhng, ah.”

It was only his finger going in, but my bottom was stiff.

Squelch. Squelch.

His finger moved with a wet noise. As his finger, which had been repeatedly moving back and forth, increased to two, my back shook with an unbearable pleasure.

As seen at the ball, the rich skirt that spread under the pelvis swayed at will.

“Ah, haa.”

Even if I tried not to make a sound, a provocative moan kept leaking out. When he flicked the sensitive bud with his tongue, my eyes quickly turned white.

Suddenly, his lips feel off and my skirt swelled up quickly. A rustling sound was heard, and the pants he was wearing fell to the floor of the bed.

At the same time, he slipped out of my skirt. He looked at me with his upper body upright while sitting perfectly naked.


Seeing his roaring alter ego, I swallowed a gulp.

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The gigantic pillar that was attached to his lower abdomen was twitching as if it were an independent living organism.

I knew that Westerners were generally different in physique from Asians, but it was a huge size that I had never seen in any other pornography video in the world.

It seemed appropriate to express it as a baseball bat rather than a pillar.

You mean that will go inside me?

I felt as if I was facing a weapon, and suddenly my breath caught in my throat, and I was terrified.

“I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Carefully wrapping my cheeks, he whispered. He looked at me with worry and fear in his eyes. I decided to be a little more courageous.

“You don’t really believe that I will die, do you?”

When I looked into his eyes and responded, he leaned over and kissed me earnestly.

His tongue that had come in through my lips entangled with mine. With his lips attached to mine, he put his hands on my shoulders and back and slowly laid my body back.

The moment the soft sheet touched the back of my back, the layered underwear and skirt were pulled down.

The cool air brushed against my exposed legs, giving me goosebumps. I tried to close my leg a beat late, but it was stopped by his hand.

He settled down, taking a seat between my gaping legs. I laid down, gasping for breath, and moistening my dry lips with my tongue.

Grasping his bulging penis, he gently rubbed it between my split petals.

He rubbed the blunt tip up and down to get it wet enough, and even though it had not yet entered the body, the inside of my legs trembled with a sense of intense excitement.


The thick glans parted through the soft flesh and pushed in heavily. I tried to slowly open my insides, but the tightly closed road showed no sign of opening and only a sharp pain inflicted me.

“Haa, it hurts….”

A moan leaked out of my teeth in the terrible pain of my raw flesh being torn apart.

It was not the first time I had slept with a man, so why was it so painful?

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Frowning my eyebrows, I remembered that my body now was 17-year-old Anastasia, who has no male experience.


Meanwhile, he tried to insert his terrifyingly swollen alter ego into my body. As he pushed in recklessly, my body froze in pain. It really felt like my bottom was being split in half.

“It’s too narrow that I can’t go in…. Keuk, relax a little.”

He said so as he shoved himself in. It was so painful that the affection I had for him just a moment ago disappeared far away.

Damn it.

My raw flesh is being ripped apart, but how could I have the strength to tighten or relax?

First of all, would you like me to cut yours off?

I held my breath, holding back the swearing that was about to come out. I realized how mothers who give birth to feel when they are cursing their husbands.

After struggling for a while, he clenched his teeth and took a breath, then pierced my body at once.


The moment I tilted my head while screaming, his alter ego deeply embedded in me. It felt like lightning flashed in front of my eyes.

He moved his waist slowly with his lips pressed deeply on mine. While our tongues entangled together, a muffled, painful groan escaped my lips.


Physiological tears welled up in the corners of my eyes. As he moved his waist, he gently touched the nape of my neck with a gentle hand and caressed my back.

His tender touch, as if to soothe me, was full of affection. My body, which had been rigid, slowly loosened in his warm and cozy hands.

Having regained my sanity, I put my arms around his neck and with my bottom biting onto him, he slammed his hips such that I could hear a popping sound. My body swayed upwards with the strong force.

It still hurt where we were connected, but I endured the pain with my eyes closed.

His warm body temperature that transmitted to my bare skin and the kissing while inhaling each other's body scents felt good. I felt like I was swimming in the water while entrusting myself to the deep blue sea.

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As time went on, the feeling of the heavy foreign body that tightly filled me inside got better.

The moment his penis that had been moving in and out of my body touched something inside my body, I stiffened my body with an ‘Ah!’ I shuddered at the sensation so intensely that I felt dizzy.

At the candid instinct I showed, he tenaciously thrusted his hips towards the same place.

“Ah, ah, hnng.”

I took a hot breath with my eyes half closed. My back twisted at will at the dizzying pleasure that penetrated my spine.

He grabbed my pelvis and thrusted hard. Each time our pubic areas collided, the sensitive flesh was pressed and another sensation of pleasure flew in.

“Hnng, huh.”

The penis soaked in love juice squelched. The pillar that was hot as fire was going in and out of me and made me run out of breath.

The movement of his hips gradually began accelerate. His penis, embedded deeply in my inner walls, repeated its advance and retreat at an unparalleled speed. His intense breath clung to my skin.

Smack, smack, smack, smack!

He rammed like a racehorse. As he increased his speed, an unknown pleasure spread throughout my body.

I felt the bones all over my body melt, and my vision became hazy.

Through the blurred vision, I could see him clenching his teeth and thrusting his hip. Beads of sweat on the tip of his chin dripped down and ran down his strong chest muscles.

After repeated deep and strong insertions, a dizzying pleasure came over me at once.


With the stimulation so intense that my eyes flickered white, I tilted my head to its fullest and let out a rough breath.

The inner wall, which reached its peak, rapidly contracted and convulsed.

Slap, slap, he pushed his waist as hard as he could until the end, then quickly pulled himself out and poured semen onto my stomach.

“Whoo, whoo.”

He collapsed, breathing heavily on my neck. I could feel his heart beating rapidly through his chest. Panting with a tired face, I felt a hand stroking my face and fell asleep.

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