Waking up as Cinderella's Stepsister - Chapter 7

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I could vaguely feel that the day was bright, but I couldn't get out of the energy of sleep that was stuck tightly to me.

Not only that, but my body felt heavy and painful like cotton soaked in water. It felt like I went through a huge typhoon overnight.

I thought I had to wake up, but I couldn't move. I couldn’t get up, and I also didn't even have the slightest strength left to lift my closed eyelids.

In the meantime, I felt refreshed and soft. It felt like my body was wrapped around in a blanket that had been dried well in the wind and the sun.


Still unable to open my eyes, I stretched out my drowsy body and tried to shake off the slumber.

“How is your body?”

At the sound of a voice right next to me, I paused my stretch and opened my eyes. As I turned my head to the side, I saw Drake's face looking at me with his chin propped up on his arm.

The blue tendon protruding over the arm that was holding his chin, from the nape of the neck to the muscle that stretched across his shoulder. I, who had been absorbed in the masculinity of a strong body for a moment, sighed and patted my messy hair haphazardly.


I pulled the sheets together and shrunk my neck. Last night's heat spread like a panorama in my mind.

It still felt as if there was a fire bat burning underneath my bottom, but I nodded as if it was okay because I couldn't speak out of my mouth.

I thought it was a dream, but my body was really soft. It looked like he had wiped my body while I was sleeping.

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"Young master."

At that moment, a voice was heard outside the door with a knock. When I turned my head in surprise, he opened the sheet carefully, gave it to me, and got up. Fortunately, he was wearing pants.

He opened the door and went out, grabbed something and came back in.

"I asked them to prepare warm bread and stew for you to eat when you wake up."

He said, putting the tray in front of me. A scent that was nice enough to wake up the appetite I had forgotten filled my nose, but I gathered my eyebrows at the title I had just heard.

“Why do they call you young Master?”

“This is a family owned villa.”

You are a son of this house.

As I nodded my head, I sat up with a sudden thought.

“Then it’s easy to be tracked.”


At his leisurely shrugging attitude, I put grabbed my forehead with a blank expression.

This is not the time to be idle.

Did you give up thinking that even if we ran away, we would eventually be caught?

As I narrowed my eyebrows and immersed myself in complicated thoughts, he smiled as he put the sliced ​​​​bread into my mouth.

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“Love is sweet, but only when accompanied by bread.”

Then he put the spoon in my hand.

That’s right. I heard that ghosts who died after eating have a good color. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy my last meal.

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As I was just getting dressed, I heard the sound of horseshoes outside.

What is to come has come. Even though I was determined, the tension filled me with nervousness.

No matter how much hardship she went though, Cinderella's fate was decided anyway.

Still, I felt fortunate to have him by my side.

I thought there would be a lot of regrets in life, but I felt rather lighthearted.

Dressed up, I crossed my arms around his arm and headed out.

The atmosphere outside was unexpectedly quiet. I thought heavy-armed knights would have flocked to the herd, but I could only see some cavalry on horseback.

I guessed that Trimaine and Drizella were still inside, as they were nowhere to be seen.

Among the knights, my gaze went to a middle-aged man with a nice beard. Judging by the different colors of the clothes he alone was wearing, he was probably a high-ranking member of the Guards Corps.

Drake opened his mouth, looking at the middle-aged man sitting on the horse.

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“Is it okay for the commander of the Guards Division, who is responsible for the safety of the royal family, to be out like this?”

The commander. He was the highest ranked member.

The commander immediately raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Did you do this knowing that?”

“Because I believed that you would understand me more than anyone else.”

I was frustrated when I saw Drake, who was smirking and responding instead of begging that he did something wrong.

I didn't want to just continue observing, so I stepped forward.

“Sir Drake did nothing wrong.”

Then the commander’s gaze turned to me. I was terrified, but I continued to speak.

“By disobeying orders and leaving the royal palace, it all happened because he couldn’t ignore my request so I sincerely ask you to look into this and take good care of him..”

The moment I bowed my head, the commander’s body swung back toward Drake.

“What is she talking about?”

I raised my bowed head and raised my eyebrows at the commander’s question with a curious voice.

I wanted to ask what he meant by asking what I meant.

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Then Drake took a deep breath that his shoulders rose and said to the commander.

“So why are you visiting someone who is on vacation?”

Vacation? I blinked my eyes at the incomprehensible words and looked at Drake.

“It was an unapproved vacation.”

“I obviously followed the procedure. And it was my first vacation in the last year.”

“Why did you have to go during in a chaotic situation?”

“Seeing that you’re here, it doesn’t seem like like it’s chaotic, does it?”

The commander was coughing in vain, as if he was dissatisfied with Drake's answering the questions in an neat manner.

"So. When are you going to introduce this lady here?”

"I do not know. It was unplanned for my father to appear.”

His father?

I grabbed my hair that was about to explode and raised my hand into the air.


After taking a moment to catch my breath, I turned to Drake and asked.

“I think I need an explanation for this now, Sir Drake?”

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