“Hahaha, this is a definite win for us A-team!”

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The boy who has taken down the five KOGs with the highest number of shoot-downs in Team A laughs in high spirits.

His name is Sigma.

In terms of ability, he could have been a holy knight, a boy whose offensive and defensive strategies were all of a high level.

“But thank goodness. At first I wondered what would happen..”

I remember the strategy meeting.

When the A-team tried to decide on a commander, they were rebuffed, saying that he would only make a strategy that would be advantageous to himself, and as a result, they ended up all fighting without a leader.

In contrast, the opponents were so well organized that they felt defeated, but in the end, guess what?

“Isn’t it overwhelming! Our army!”

Since we knew how many we had killed, we could already see that Team B only had a few units left.

In contrast, our team also suffered a lot of damage because of the mudslinging, but there are still about 20 KOGs left.

And finally.


Team A has defeated 49 units.

“Now, there’s just one left. I wonder where it’s hiding..”

“Hey, come to think of it, did anyone fight him?”

Then a comrade communicates.

“Who is that? What are you talking about?”

Sigma replies to the transmission.

“No, because. I’m sure the enemy has him, don’t they?”

Sigma had forgotten the boy’s presence in the face of overwhelming victory.

He was in a good mood and had already tasted the beauty of victory.

“So what are you talking about? Say it properly.”

“Look, that one, that one.. I think his name is..”

And a single white KOG flying in front of a KOG unit of 20, including Sigma.

(Haha, you should have just stayed hidden. You showed yourself, I will defeat that guy and become a holy knight!)

Sigma flies at the white KOG.

He holds up his sword to strike it down, on this pitiful guy, and basks in victory.

This knight, who has come to a battlefield that has seen victory and defeat, mistakenly believes that he has given up on victory.

“The name is..”

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“Ken Sylphid. Knight of His Highness Rhode.”


The next thing Sigma saw under the violent shaking was the message of the wreck.

Without even understanding what had happened, Sigma was cut down in time by Kenya.

(Huh? What happened? Why am I losing?)

Unable to comprehend, Sigma exploded on the spot and was defeated.

Of course, it was Kenya who cut him down, with lightning-fast speed.

One KOG landed on the battlefield.

In front of him is a large squadron of about 20 KOGs, as well as the KOGs of his allies who are heavily damaged.

(Huh? Could it be that the B team has been wiped out? No way.. While I’m standing by? .. or maybe)

“Ha, I’ve been set up! That Blue guy! I thought there was something fishy about him!”

It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he’s being set up by Blue by looking at this situation.

He must have been left alone in the separation, even though the fight had already started, so that he couldn’t fight.

“Oi you’ll surround him and let’s take him down! Even if it’s Rhode-sama’s knight, it’s only one guy!”

Kenya is encircled, and his opponents are 20 KOGs.

All the A-team knights jump at once.

“Huh, I should ask Rhode to teach me a bit of strategies and such.. nah, it’s no use, I’m not good at such tricks. All I can do is..”

He holds up his sword and blows away all five or so KOGs that pounce on him.

Slice! Slice! Slice! Slice! Slice!

“This is all I can do. Besides, if I beat them all, I’ll be a holy knight, so it turns out all right!”




“Wait a minute, You’re lying, aren’t you? Don’t tell me he’s going to win from here all alone, the B-team?”

“Ha ha! That’s what it looks like! Look how ridiculously strong he is! Does he have any experience in many-on-one combat? It’s different from a one-on-one fight, you know?

“So much for.. your highness’ knight.”

Seeing Kenya knocking down one enemy after another.

In less than a minute, ten KOGs are wounded incapable of fighting.

The examiners watching the footage were left speechless.

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It is as if he does not feel as if he is going to lose, and one of the KOGs is clearly not the same as the other fighters.

Of course, the specs should be the same.

It’s just that he’s drawing the most out of it.

“No matter how Rhode-sama’s knight plans.. this easily exceeds the level of a holy knight.. it reminds me of Jin-kun.”

“No, he was a monster too, but still, he’s 20 to 1, and yet doesn’t show any sign of struggle against it.. I’ve never seen such a thing before, this.”

Stunned examiners, and one boy smiling broadly while tapping his knee.

“Ha ha, as expected of a KOG idiot. This is decided, a mere 20 planes at knight or apprentice level won’t stop you, will they?”

(Even 100 KOGs couldn’t stop him.)

His expression is very happy, and the examiners are surprised to see such a face.

Because no one had ever seen Rhode smile so innocently before.

And the winner of the battlefield is decided.

49, 50!

The B team defeated 50 aircraft, and Kenya took down the most, 20.

As for the number of KOGs defeated by just one man, the B Team would win that battlefield by being the strongest in the entire block.

“Congratulations, Rhode-sama. The Ken is now a knight of Rhode-sama in both name and reality”

“Ah, I was a little bit nervous. I guess it’s a natural result. Reina, you also successfully defeated, and the number of units defeated is 10, so that’s settled.”

Reina, who was fighting in the other block, fought normally and was matchless to the norm.

Although not as strong as Kenya, she still demonstrated an overwhelmingly strong force.

And the Holy Knight test was over.




“Now, I will announce who has passed this year’s Holy Knight Examination!”

And the 1,000 examinees gathered in the hall.

One by one, the successful candidates for the Holy Knight were announced, and they went up on the platform to receive their Holy Knight certificates.

“Next! Reina Sylphid!”

(Good, Reina passed too. I’m glad she wasn’t set up like me..)

I had thought that with her ability, she would be able to break through without any problems, but I was worried because Reina also seems to be weak against Provocation.

“And! The last one!”

Then Colonel Starr, who had been making the announcement, steps down from the podium.

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He hands the microphone to one boy.

He is a small boy with blonde hair and slightly longer hair, but his charisma and aura, which can be seen even from a distance, draws applause from the candidates.

“It was a very fine battle, my fellow future guardians of the Asgard empire. I take this opportunity to announce only the last one, as I think I should be the one to announce it.”

The one who went up was Rhode Asgard.

And it is, of course, to call.

“The last one. Come, my knight Ken Sylphid!”

It is a silver-haired boy who is called up to the platform.

The audience murmurs, and applause rolls in at the same time.

The rumored Rhode’s knightly schedule for the day is a performance to be recognized as a knight in public.

Kenya then bows and goes up to the podium.

“What, so you’re going to give it to me..”

“You’ve been set up so nicely. Seriously.. use your wasted mind a little.”

“Ugh. I passed the exam, so it’s fine.”

“Hmph. But, well, I’ll give you a compliment now, thank you, and well done. Now you’re one step closer.”

A private conversation between the two of them on the platform.

A conversation that, if overheard, would have been fussed about as disrespectful, as if it were a conversation between friends.

Hearing about Rhode’s past that day had deepened things between them.

For Rhode and for Kenya.

Together they became friends for the first time, friends who could truly care about each other.

The two men left the podium to thunderous applause and a tight handshake.

The microphone is then handed over to Colonel Starr.

“With the above, this year’s Holy Knight examinations are now over! Oh, and rest assured that I lied about never being able to take the Holy Knight exam again!”



The loudest voice of the day echoes through the hall.

Nearly half the students shouted in relief.

“Lies are a good thing, nah, if it had been a battlefield, you guys would be dead. Ha ha ha! Well then, disband, and try again in half a year! Oh, only those who have passed the holy knighting should stay!”



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The remaining successful Holy Knights.

“Ten in all.. I guess that’s like one successful candidate in each block.”

Looking around, there were ten passers including Kenya and Reina.

Then Colonel Star opens his mouth.

“For the second time, congratulations on passing! Now you’ve been recognised as Guardians of the Empire.. in fact, we’re going to have an interview now.”

(What? Interview?”)

“Yes, but it doesn’t mean you’ll fail or anything. Well, as long as you don’t do anything weird, maybe!”

And the 10 successful Holy Knights who are shown around.

When I hear the word ‘interview’, I become very nervous.

In the previous world of Japan, interviews were called pressure interviews, and I hear that many students have had their hearts broken.

Kenya, who has only heard rumors, does not feel any positive image of interviews.

“So, next. Ken!”

Kenya and his team were waiting in the classroom.

One after another they are called and enter the interview room.

Finally, their turn comes and Kenya is also called.

Nervously, he entered the room.

(Should I Knock thrice? Twice? Which was it? For the time being, two knocks would be fine.)

“Come in.”

A reply comes back from inside, and Kenya opens the door.

A huge room.

Behind him is a huge glass all around, the room is bright with sunlight, and it seems that this place was high enough to have a panoramic view of the capital Valhalla.

In front of him is a single chair, facing a luxurious long desk.

That chair is probably where Kenya sits.

And there were three soldiers sitting at the long desk.

One of them opens his mouth and announces his name.

“Nice to meet you, Ken Sylphid. I am Osiris Halberd.”

The soldier smiles and shoots a sharp look at the handsome man with a deep moat.

“Jin is taking care of you, isn’t he?”

He was the father of the three heroes.

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