“Hi. I am Osiris Halberd.”

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“Nice to meet you! I’m Ken Sylphid.

“Umm, please have a seat.”

Kenya then sits down in the chair.

“So you’re the son of Sieg! How is that idiot? Gahaha!”

An old man who looks like a gorilla, whose body is about three times the size of Kenya’s.

His characteristics are a big voice and a big body.

From the way he speaks, if he is a peer of Sieg-san’s, he is probably in his late 30s or so.

“I got to watch your exam today, it was a great fight, though… but I can’t recognise you for your bravery alone. You should also study a bit more.”

Then next to him, a very beautiful blonde, long-haired woman.

Her calm atmosphere and glasses give her an adult feel.

She may not be young, but she is so beautiful that she could be in her twenties, but if she is one of the three heroes, she must be in her thirties.

Her name seems to be Lamia Silvana.

(So this is the Three Great Heroes I’ve heard so much about. They certainly don’t look like ordinary people…)

“Don’t be so nervous, we’ll just ask you a few questions. It’s what we do every year.”

Basically, it seems that Osiris-san is going to ask me questions.

Lamia-san looks at me with cold eyes, and Osiris-san only asks me if Sieg is well, with a big smile on his face.

“My father is doing well in District 13!”

“Oh yeah, if he hadn’t retired, he would have been called one of the Four Heroes sooner or later. I and he were rivals!”

It seems that Org-san has a special attachment to Sieg-san.

His eyes as a rival seem a little sad.

It must have been the kind of relationship where you write ‘good rival’ and call him a friend.

“Sieg-san is an aspiration in my generation… I didn’t know he had a child.”

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Lamia-san seemed to know Sieg-san very well.

Apparently, she was Sieg-san’s junior.

Her eyes are somewhat like the eyes of a maiden in love.

To be honest, Sieg-san is a very handsome dandy uncle, so he must have made a lot of women cry when he was in the service.

“Where’s the horse-bone… damn, who’s the other guy. I’m going to kill you.”



Kenya didn’t hear well.

He didn’t hear it, but for some reason he was insanely scared.

“Then let’s start the interview…”

And after a brief self-introduction-like ice-breaker time, the interview begins.

Kenya, who had imagined a pressure interview, was relieved to find that the atmosphere was surprisingly easy to talk to.

“Well, I have a lot of questions, but… why do you want to become a Holy Knight?”

Kenya is asked about his reasons for applying.

He hasn’t done any self-analysis, nor has he prepared a templated answer easily.

“It is to become a knight of Rhode-sama. I’ve heard that only the head of the Holy Knight can become a knight.”

So I simply answered that.

“Hm, I knew it was true, but it was only a rumour, but seeing Rhode-sama today, I’m convinced. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

“Then, let’s go through the formalities as the head of the Holy Knights, you are stronger than Jin, so it’s no problem. Okay, both of you.”

“No problem, both of you. I’m all for strong men!”

“It seems a little hasty, but in view of the international situation, we have no choice. Those with power must be given positions commensurate with their power.”

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“Is it that easy to become one?”

“Oh, it is the role of the three of us, or the royal family, to appoint the Chief of the Holy Knights, there is no test or anything, you can take the name today if we allow you.”

“ah, I see.”

Kenya was then appointed as the head of the Holy Knights on this day.

“So that means, haha. Jin’s record for being the youngest has been broken. I didn’t think there would ever be a student who could beat that guy.”

“So, I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologising for, it’s his fault that he’s weak. He’s so fired up to get his revenge one day, I’m almost thankful for that! He has talent, but he has no rivals. I thought if he went into battle like this, he might lose his footing. But lately at home, all he talks about is you, you’re a good friend, thank you.”

Kenya has broken Jin’s record for being the youngest.

But his father is surprisingly kind and is even rather happy that his son is motivated.

(You guys get on well…)

Kenya is a little relieved.

He is happy that even though he is regarded specially as one of the three heroes, he is still the same person after all.

He is a handsome man who is just sweet on his own kids.

“And also, if you’re going to be Rhode-sama’s knight, I’ll tell you to ask me anything. As a senior knight.”


“What, you don’t know? I am Master Odin’s knight.”

“Oh, really?

“I heard you’re unfamiliar with the world, but you need to learn a bit more.”

“Haha, I’m sorry…”

(Odin’s knight… that means…)

Kenya understood what this meant.

At the Imperial Sword and Warrior Festival, they would defeat Odin’s camp.

That is the goal of Kenya and Rhode, then if he is Odin’s knight, he will surely come out.

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Will I fight for my life against this man, then?

Kenya is frightened for a moment at the sight of this father, who smiles kindly.

It was difficult to imagine fighting this man with his life on the line.

“…We both have a lord. I don’t know what might happen in the future.”

Osiris then looks at Kenya and slowly begins to speak.

“I will give my all then. And so will you. If you have something to achieve, if you have a reason to fight for your life. We are knights who have someone to serve. Just be the sword, be the shield, and let go of your doubts.”


“And, hopefully, leave no lasting grudge and praise the victor. There is only the fact that both sides fought with all their might for justice. That’s what fighting is all about. Understand?”

( I see… this man understands… that Rhode and Odin are going to fight.)

Only the Emperor, Rhode and Kenya and the others know about the Imperial Sword Festival.

But Osiris must have somehow understood that Odin and Rhode were decisively different.

He also knew of the future that the two of them were going to face.

So Kenya answered straight away.


Osiris nodded with a smile in reply.

And the day’s interview was over.

Kenya leaves the room.

“Osiris, what was that last one about?”

“It was something that only the two of us could understand…”

“Huh. I’ll find out soon enough. Because that time is already in front of us.”

(Interesting eyes, Ken Sylphid… I’m looking forward to it.)

One of the three heroes, Osiris Halberd, laughs.

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The Empire’s most powerful knight, who was called the strongest knight of all time and was known by, Sword Saint, was thrilled by the appearance of his would-be opponent.


“Oh, congratulations! Onii-chan!”

“Oh, thank you, Raina!”

On the way home from the Holy Knight exam, Reina and Kenya laugh awkwardly at each other.

It’s awkward and there’s awkwardness, but it’s still exciting and a little fun.

They were living such an adolescent life.

“Yes, yes! Let’s celebrate today becoming the head of the Holy Knights.”

“What? You’ll do it? I’m so happy!”

The two of them are overjoyed at the slightest thing.

It’s a pity that their voices are still being raised.

“But I’m sorry, I know I’m supposed to celebrate at times like this… but what should I do?”

(I want to make Kenya-kun happy… but what should I do…)


I want to see Kenya’s happy face. I want him to be happy.

Kenya doesn’t yet know that Reina is a surprisingly devoted type.

“Hey, what do you want me to do? If it’s something I can do… why not… I’ll do it. Please tell me anything!”

That kind of Reina holds Kenya’s arm and looks into Kenya from below.

The distance was so close that they could kiss.

Her beautiful face, which is impeccable in every way, turns red.

(What? What did you just say?)

The two of them stared at each other, their approaching hearts, their faces on fire.

Their heart beat faster.

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