Worldwide Simulation Era

Chapter 176: 176

The slaves hid in their cages while shivering.

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Amidst the rapid alarm blares, one Gold Practitioner after another started searching the island.

The corpses were moved out of the villa, covering the square.

The Gold Practitioners were dumbstruck.

“So many died?”

“Their heads were cut off with a clean strike…”

“How could it be? How could someone kill nearly 3,500 practitioners without making a sound? They even killed 17 Gold Practitioners! It is impossible!”

“Who is it?”

“How could he have killed so many people without making a sound right under our noses?!”

“Moreover, the protective shield is not broken! Wouldn’t the shield stop him?”


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“Even an ordinary Gold Practitioner’s floating island can stop a Platinum Practitioner for some time. A Platinum Practitioner has to attack five times to break the shield. As for a high-level Gold Practitioner’s floating island, a Platinum Practitioner even have to rely on the Malicious Artifact Fragment to break it.”

“I’ve never heard of anyone who can pass through the protective barrier!”

The Gold Practitioners looked at each other, their eyes full of shock and doubt.

At this moment, their minds were a mess. Their knowledge and view were inadequate, and they could only stare at each other.

“Is it a demon?”

“Can a demon come out in broad daylight?”

“Is it a mole?”

“I don’t know. I can only inform Master Li You. Perhaps he can catch the culprit!”

The Gold Practitioners were puzzled andlooked at each other.

Finally, they decided to askLi You to take action.

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Thus, they rushed to the front of the battlefield at their fastest speed.

“Are they still fighting?”

“The two Platinum Practitioners can’t do anything to each other…”

“I never thought Song Shu’s revenge would come so quickly.”

The Gold Practitioners raised their heads and saw that the two Platinum Practitioners were still fighting.

High in the sky, the terrifying collision was so intense that heaven and earth seemed to be covered in darkness. A casual aftershock from the battle had caused the floating island to be on the verge of collapse!

Near the floating island, eleven Gold Practitioners and more than twenty Gold Practitioners from the Jianghu faction were also clashing.

In a dim place out of sight, Lin Qiye’s face was completely immersed in the darkness.

He only glanced at Li You.

When his gaze landed on Li You, Li You was suddenly shocked.

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An ominous premonition that made his scalp tingle burst out from the bottom of his heart, causing his spine to turn cold.

The corner of his eyes hurriedly swept in Lin Qiye’s direction and swept out a glance.

But Lin Qiye had already disappeared.

Only a soft murmur lingered in the darkness. “When I become a Platinum Practitioner, the first one I’ll kill is you!”

Lin Qiye clenched his knuckles and snorted with hatred in his heart.

After all, that was the time when he was closest to death.

If Song Shu came even a second later, his ashes would already be in the urn!

Therefore, Lin Qiye held a grudge.

“For my next simulation, I’ll strive to become a Platinum Practitioner.

“I’ll strive to kill Li You as soon as possible to have a peaceful mind!”

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While thinking, Lin Qiye returned to the villa on Jiang Qingxue’s floating island.

No one noticed him.

He had carried out his plan perfectly.

Lin Qiye smiled, took off the Illusory Mask, and put it away. Then, he leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest.

After all, he had just killed seventeen Gold Practitioners at full speed, along with over 3,500 Silver Practitioners. He was still a little tired.

However, just as Lin Qiye closed his eyes, the sound of the main world’s notification rang in his mind.

“It’s the main world’s notification?”

Lin Qiye was quite surprised and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

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