You’re A Liar

Chapter 5


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Friday afternoon.

The monthly exam results were released one after the other as each paper was handed back to the students.

Ling Song swept a glance at the horrifying papers which only scored a few points. He turned them over and covered them expressionlessly as if he didn’t see them.

Zhang Yang turned around and asked him, “Daughter, how much is your total score?”

Ling Song ignored him.

He was a little angry. Nevermind if the scores for other subjects were low, but why was the score for language only a little over 80?

He made two mistakes on the multiple-choice questions, and didn’t get a few more points for modern literature. 

Fortunately, he had a full score on composition, at least the standards of the graders were not too bad.

Turning his head, he glanced at Wen Yuanchu’s paper; besides having a few points taken off for Chinese and English, all other subjects received full marks. 

How was he so smart? 

Right, Wang Zide seemed to have mentioned before that this person always placed first in the grade for every exam.  

“Why are your results so good?”

Wen Yuanchu looked up.

Ling Song shifted his sight.

Forget it, take it as he didn’t ask.

The class chairman came back from outside and called out to Ling Song, “Ma laoshi is looking for you, he asked you to go to the staffroom.”

Ling Song quickly stood up and left.

Ma Guosheng was reading the policy advice written by Ling Song for the third time. 

The language papers were completely marked yesterday. Ling Song’s essay was printed out by an examiner and passed out to the entire sophomore cohort.

Until now, Ma Guosheng still couldn’t believe that this was written by Ling Song. 

He even used traditional Chinese characters.  

Although Ling Song knew a lot of simplified characters, he was still used to writing traditional Chinese. 

When Ling Song walked in, Ma laoshi asked him with a complicated expression, “Did you write this essay yourself?”


Ma Guosehng was speechless for a moment. How did he not realize that Ling Song had such ancient literacy before?

Ling Song was rarely modest, “It wasn’t written very well, please guide me with advice.” 

Ma Guosheng, “……It’s already quite good.”

Ma Taifu was different from before. 

Ling Song thought that in his previous life, Ma Taifu was the top scholar, proud and insolent, how could he be satisfied with such an average policy piece. 

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Ma Guosheng reminded him again, “You did well in your language papers, but you had regressed too much for your other subjects, you basically handed in blank papers. If this continues in the future, you might have to repeat a grade.” 

He really believed it now. Not only did Ling Song lose his memories, perhaps his amnesia also stimulated other potentials, how else could he have written this policy advice? 

However, the college entrance exams did not only test for language. 

Ling Song’s mouth dropped. He was an emperor, it would be a shame to repeat a grade. 

But he was also embarrassed to explain himself for having that score. 

Ma Guosheng comforted him, “I’ll discuss with your parents about your situation. You should find a way to make up for the previous classes first. It’s best not to repeat a grade, of course. Don’t think too much, it’s your health concern, you’re not at fault.” 

Before school ended, Ling Jie received a call from Ma Guosheng and came down to the school. 

Ling Song waited for his brother at the playground downstairs, kicking a rock under his feet with boredom. 

He looked up when he heard the thumping sound of a basketball. 

Wen Yuanchu was playing alone under the sunset. 

This person surprisingly hadn’t left yet?

Ling Song watched him for a while. Wen Yuanchu was tall and had long legs, his dunking posture was very beautiful. His basketball skills were also pretty good, he looked really attractive. 

Ling Song was a little envious. 

He wanted to be as naturally handsome as this person too. 

After half an hour, Ling Jie came downstairs and patted Ling Song’s shoulder, “Let’s go.”

The two brothers walked away side by side. 

Wen Yuanchu stopped and watched their retreating backs as they walked further away. In the end, he lifted his hand and threw the ball into the basket. 

Sitting in the car, Ling Song took the initiative to ask Ling Jie, “Ge, did Ma laoshi already tell you about my monthly exam results?” 

Ling Jie nodded helplessly, “Did you really not know a single question? How could you hand in a blank paper?”

“I couldn’t understand.” 

Ling Song said truthfully, “I couldn’t understand a single bit.”

Ling Jie didn’t ask further as he started the car.

“We’ll talk at home.”

In the middle of the night in the Ling household, the whole family was worried about Ling Song’s studies. 

The little nephew, Ling ChaoChao, took out his math book from his school bag and handed it to Ling Song, “Xiao shu, read my book, do you understand it?” 

Ling Song was definitely sure that he could see the disdain in this little rascal’s eyes. 


But he really couldn’t understand. 

Although there were nine chapters of arithmetics mentioned within the contents, the people here used arabic numerals which he had crammed for the past two days, and he wouldn’t even be able to understand algebraic signs. 

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This was too embarrassing. 

Mother Ling was very worried, “Do you have to relearn everything from your past early age then?” 


They didn’t put too much expectations on Ling Song’s future, but it couldn’t be that he wouldn’t even be able to finish high school? 

Who knew when this inexplicable amnesia would get better. 

As he was frowning in thought, the doorbell rang. 

Ling ChaoChao ran to open the front door and shouted, “Yuanchu gege!”

It was Wen Yuanchu.

Wen Yuanchu came inside and politely greeted mother and father Ling and Ling Jie.

The Ling family was really surprised. 

This child Wen Yuanchu didn’t like to talk. After being neighbours for so many years, this was the first time he came to their door. 

Wen Yuanchu explained to them, “I’ve already spoken to Ma laoshi about tutoring Ling Song.”

“That’s great.”

    ——The whole Ling family

“That’s not very good.”

    ——Ling Song

Mother Ling beamed, “That’s too kind of you… Would it be troubling you?” 

Wen Yuanchu looked at Ling Song who was looking at the sky, “It wouldn’t delay me in anything, I would also be able to revise while tutoring Ling Song.” 

Mother and father Ling no longer refused and thanked Wen Yuanchu happily. Whether Ling Song was willing or not, they packed them away and sent them into the room. 

Mother Ling brought in a plate of cut fruits and stared at her son before leaving, “Be good. If you don’t want to repeat a grade, follow and learn from Yuanchu.” 

Ling Song was unable to resist and could only accept it. 

Wen Yuanchu sat beside him and was reading that piece of policy advice. 

His eyes were lowered in silence, not knowing what he was thinking about. 

Ling Song bit a honeydew melon in his mouth and squinted at him several times. 

Wen Yuanchu suddenly lifted his gaze. 

When their eyes met, Ling Song subconsciously swallowed and choked. 

His face flushed red, and he only managed to swallow down the melon after a long time. 

Wen Yuanchu frowned. 

Ling Song’s voice turned high as he pretended to be full of bravado, “What are you doing?”

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“Did you write this composition yourself?”

“Who else would it be?”

“Nothing, it’s not bad.”

Wen Yuanchu assessed lightly. 

Of course it was not bad. The Taifu who taught him in the past was one of those with great talents. 

He was afraid that an ordinary high school student like Wen Yuanchu wouldn’t understand what he was writing about. 

Without waiting for Ling Song to be complacent, Wen Yuanchu said, “But it would be a risk to write this during the college entrance exams, it could either score full marks or have an extremely low score.” 

Ling Song sniffed, “That might be because the grader couldn’t understand it themselves.” 

“Those are the rules.”

Wen Yuanchu put down his paper before picking up Ling Chaochao’s first grade language book. 

“Let’s start with pinyin.”

Ling Song immediately shut his mouth.

While Wen Yuanchu taught him pinyin, he also taught him how to read English alphabets. 

Ling Song studied reluctantly. If it weren’t for the exam preparation, he didn’t want to learn the English language at all. 

Fortunately, pinyin wasn’t difficult to learn. With only two hours, he could roughly remember most of it. 

At nine o’clock sharp.

Ling Song yawned as he lay on the study desk, waving his hand, “I’m tired, I’ll study again another day.” 

Wen Yuanchu’s expression shifted slightly. Without reminding him, he said, “Take a break for a while and we’ll have math class for an hour.” 

Not waiting for Ling Song to refuse, Wen Yuanchu took a blank draft paper and wrote down a study plan for him. 

“Since your language foundation is good, learning pinyin is enough. We can put that aside first, just listen attentively in class.

“Finish all the lower grade mathematics in the next two days, then learn middle school math for a month, two hours of class every night.

“Study English for an hour everyday, recite ten words, and have extra classes on the weekends.

“Do exercises during the day to consolidate. Besides language classes, you don’t have to listen to others, you wouldn’t understand them anyway.

“For the next monthly exam, try to get double digits for math and English. We’ll talk about other subjects next time.” 

Ling Song turned pale with fright, “ChaoChao is only in the fourth grade, you want me to finish what I have to learn for six years in two days?” 

Wen Yuanchu said, “You can try.”

… Thank you for thinking so highly of me. 

Ling Song’s face turned ugly. Wen Yuanchu thought it over and said, “If you can’t learn it in two days, it’s fine if we add an additional week. Primary school math, especially lower grades are really easy, there isn’t a need to do too much thinking.”


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Ling Song was anxious and didn’t dare to continue bargaining.

Although Wen Yuanchu wasn’t Wen Che, this face of his, especially the way he frowned, really looked like that person. This triggered Ling Song’s instinct to run but he didn’t dare to.

Wen Yuanchu paused his pen and hesitated before saying, “If you do not want to learn physics or chemistry etcetera, you can switch to learning liberal arts. In liberal arts you will be able to learn history, politics, geography, and it would be slightly easier for you. Sophomore year has just started and your situation is special, if you tell the school about it, it might be easier to switch.”

Ling Song was dumbfounded, learn history?

He didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to thoroughly remember what happened in his previous life.

For someone like him, an insignificant perished supreme leader of a nation, it’s highly-likely that he didn’t deserve to appear in an exam paper.

“I don’t want to, I want to learn science.”

Wen Yuanchu nodded and didn’t urge him further.

After allowing Ling Song to rest for 10 minutes, Wen Yuanchu started teaching him grade one math.

Ling Song listened absent-mindedly.

He would occasionally glance at Wen Yuanchu.

This person was particularly serious when teaching, his black eyelashes drooping slightly, his gaze calm.

Unlike the Prince Regent, the space between his eyes was always tainted with gloomy hostility that made him shudder. 

But even so, there were times where he would acknowledge his mistakes.

How strange.

At 10.30pm, Ling Song brought Wen Yuanchu downstairs.

They bumped into Ling Song’s sister-in-law who was bringing Ling ChaoChao up the stairs. Ling ChaoChao waved at Wen Yuanchu, “Bye Yuanchu gege.”

Brat, you only know how to be polite to outsiders.

“I’m his uncle, he calls you ge. Doesn’t that mean I’m now your senior?” Ling Song laughed.

 Wen Yuanchu glanced at him.

Ling Song’s smile paused, he moved his eyes away, no longer looking at Wen Yuanchu.

As he said, there were times then this person’s gaze really looked like that devil prince regent. It was definitely not his misconception!

If it wasn’t for the fact that this person was rather normal most of the time and even patiently tutored him, he would really suspect that this person was the prince regent, and was purposely acting.

Good luck and fortune, ghosts please disperse. 

Why not go to a temple one day to pray……

Ling Song forcibly closed the door behind him.

Wen Yuanchu silently stood outside the door for a moment. He took out his phone and recorded in his notes.

The 5th day of his return; happy.

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