You’re A Liar

Chapter 6

You’re Too Bad

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At 7.30am on Saturday morning, Ling Song was dug out of the blankets by his mother.

“Quickly go downstairs and eat your breakfast, Yuanchu is here already. He’s here to tutor you, yet you still let him wait, how unreasonable.”

Ling Song rubbed his face.

…It’s not like he wanted a tutor to begin with.

Half an hour later, Ling Song headed downstairs after washing up.

Wen Yuanchu sat upright on the sofa in the living room and was currently having a chat with Ling Song’s dad. 

Ling Song thought that the image in front of him was a little strange.

His footsteps paused on the stairway, looking at his dad and Wen Yuanchu, he suddenly thought of something that happened in his previous life.

At the age of sixteen, Wen Che inherited his father’s unfulfilled wish to guard the border. Before he left the capital, he came to the palace to pay respects to the emperor. Outside Xing Qing palace, it was the first time Ling Song had met the young general who was infamous for going to the capital. 

At the time, Ling Song was only a little over ten years old. He was full of curiosity then. He was very envious of Wen Che’s shining black and gold armor, which drove him to get closer and talk to him, saying that he wanted to be a general like him in the future. 

However, Wen Che didn’t conceal his thoughts towards this little prince and replied coldly, “Your highness is physically weak and feeble, he can’t be a general.” 

Ling Song was angry and narrow-mindedly hated this person from then on. 

He thought, ‘At least Wen Yuanchu isn’t Wen Che.’

Otherwise, that would really be a waste of breath to say a single word if there wasn’t a common ground. 

As he approached, he could clearly hear what his dad and Wen Yuanchu were talking about. His dad was proudly showing off an antique flower vase from a dynasty he had gotten two days ago. 

Father Ling set the flower vase on the tea table, inserting some osmanthus he had picked from the yard outside. Beaming with delight, he greeted Wen Yuanchu and asked him to look at them with him. 

Wen Yuanchu hardly spoke, just nodding his head from time to time, going along with Father Ling. 

Ling Song shot over a glance. 

How is that a vase? It was clearly a spittoon used by noble families back in those days. 

… Forget it. He’d better not tell his dad the truth. 

After waiting for Ling Song to finish his breakfast, Wen Yuanchu followed him upstairs to his room. 

As he sat down, Ling Song stretched his neck and asked Wen Yuanchu, “Don’t you have to do your homework too?”

“I finished it last night.”

Last night? When? After he went back?

Wasn’t it already late when he went home last night?

Wang Zide and the others always complained that the teachers were inhumane for not allowing them to take a breath after just finishing the monthly exams, assigning them too much homework to finish in two days, but this person finished them in one night?

“Last night, what time did you do your homework til?” 

Wen Yuanchu replied casually, “About twelve o’clock.” 

Ling Song: “……”

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No wonder he always scored first in the grade for every exam, couldn’t compare, couldn’t compare. 

Wen Yuanchu didn’t say much else. He gave Ling Song an exam paper he had made for him to do, the content was all from what was learnt the night before. 

Ling Song picked up his pen reluctantly. 


Fortunately, his head was really quite good. He could understand most of the things Wen Yuanchu taught only once, and he would not forget them. 

After finishing the paper in twenty minutes, Wen Yuanchu looked it over. He nodded softly, “All correct.”

Ling Song was instantly happy without having time to show off. Wen Yuanchu opened a book and began to teach him new content. 

That excitement became forcibly suppressed. Ling Song was extremely dissatisfied and glared at Wen Yuanchu from an angle he couldn’t see. 

Wen Yuanchu lifted his gaze. Ling Song quickly averted his eyes and looked straight forward. 

Wen Yuanchu didn’t bother with him and picked up a pen. 

His method of teaching was clear and organized without any unnecessary nonsense, completely different from the teaching styles of those Taifu in the past. Ling Song adapted well and learned quickly. 

Primary school math was indeed very simple. All the content was included in the nine chapters of arithmetic math, just using different methods to solve. 

Ling Song’s self confidence significantly increased. 

Zhen really is still a smart person. 

Two hours later, mother Ling brought in a plate of fruit snacks, smiling as she let them take a break for a while to eat something before they continued. 

Seeing that Ling Song was a little withered, Wen Yuanchu stopped and said they could rest for fifteen minutes then carry on. 

Ling Song immediately tossed aside his pen, took out his phone and opened ‘Glory of Kings’. 

Ling ChaoChao taught him how to play this game the day before; he was the master. 

Ling Song soon became addicted to it. 

Phones really were good things. 

Able to play with, yet destroy the mind. 

No wonder Ma Taifu repeatedly ordered them not to bring phones to school. 

Ling Song thought he really liked this sort of thing too much. 

But he lost in less than five minutes. 

His teammate yelled abusively, “Idiot, don’t play if you don’t know how to, go home and give birth to grandkids for your father!”

Ling Song frowned.  

The people here are so young, why do all of them like to become fathers? 

Such a disgrace to the educated class. 

He calmly replied, “How brazen and insolent, daring to speak conceited nonsense in the presence of the emperor will be punished.”

“… Are you fucking sick?”

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Ling Song didn’t bother with them anymore. 

Wen Yuanchu, who was reading the book, suddenly said, “Only primary school kids play Glory of Kings.”

Ling Song choked, “I just like it, can’t I? Who said only primary school kids can play?”

“The one who cursed at you, it’s highly likely he’s a primary school student, might be younger than ChaoChao.” 

Ling Song straight up choked. 

“Uninstall the game, if you want to play, at least wait until your grades go back to your level before.”

Ling Song was extremely reluctant, but he was stared at by Wen Yuanchu, so he chickened out again. When Wen Yuanchu took his phone away, he only resisted characteristically and dared not make any more attempts. 

Obviously, this person was not the Prince Regent, but this subconscious reaction was really ingrained in him. 

Ling Song was inwardly distressed, deeply feeling that this won’t do. 

Wen Yuanchu didn’t know he was thinking about all these sorts of things. 

He helped him uninstall Glory of Kings, then opened his WeChat. He took out his own phone and added his number. 

He asked Ling Song, “Do you know how to use WeChat?”

Ling Song responded with an ‘oh’, “My mom taught me, it’s easy.”

“Don’t use the speech input function anymore, just use the pinyin keyboard.”

Ling Song chose to shut up.

Wen Yuanchu returned his phone to him. 

Ling Song glanced at it. This person’s WeChat avatar was a Gingko leaf, bright-golden and gratifying. 

Speaking of, in the yard of Xing Qing palace back then, he had also planted a Gingko tree himself. 

He wondered if that tree was still there. 

Even if it wasn’t taken down by later generations, should it have been handed over to the state by now?

… It’d be good to take a look at it if there’s a chance in the future. 

Ling Song was lost in thought, his mind running away again. 

Wen Yuanchu glanced at his watch and reminded him, “Let’s continue our lesson.”

Ling Song returned back to his senses and picked up his pen absent-mindedly. 

In the afternoon, Wen Yuanchu stayed at Ling Song’s house for lunch. 

At the table, mother Ling asked how Ling Song was doing and if he needed to repeat a grade. 

Wen Yuanchu glanced at Ling Song and said, “Ling Song is very smart. He was able to learn all the points just once. If he put more thought into it, he’d be able to catch up before senior year. I’ll inform Ma Laoshi tomorrow as well, rest assured.” 

The Ling family heaved a sigh of relief. 

Ling Song lowered his head and ate. 

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This person praised him with the Prince Regent’s face…how shy he was. 

That guy didn’t have a single good word in his mouth before, and only said he was weak, clumsy and incompetent. 

By comparison, Wen Yuanchu was really a good person. 

After eating, mother Ling reminded them to rest for a while before starting lessons again. 

Wen Yuanchu leaned on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest his mind. 

Lying on the bed, Ling Song held his phone as he tried to use the pinyin keyboard to text. 

Zhang Yang: Is Wen Yuanchu really at your house to tutor you?

Ling Song: En, he came last night. His teaching is not bad, I’m already learning third grade math. 

Zhang Yang: …this old father is a little worried. 

Wang Zide: Lao Da, is there anyone else at home? You’re not alone with him, are you?

Ling Song: Why are you asking this ??

Of course it’s because we’re afraid this cabbage would be hobbled by the pig, silly daughter. 

Ling Song suspected that they still misunderstood that he was interested in Wen Yuanchu. 

He felt that he was at a loss. 

He had lived for two lifetimes, but had never even touched a girl’s hand. Now, he was being misunderstood that he was seeking but failing to receive a man who had his enemy’s face from his previous life. 

It’s so miserable. 

If he wanted to talk, just blame that Prince Regent. 

In his previous life, he had never married a wife even until he died. In the third year of his accession to the throne, the Prince Regent reluctantly arranged a marriage for him under the pressure of the officials. His fiance was the daughter of a second-class official. After their marriage, her grandmother and mother died of illness one after the other. Not long after that girl could finish mourning, he had also passed. 

Ma Taifu always said that the Prince Regent had an ill heart; not wanting this emperor to marry a wife and have descendents, so he intentionally chose a fiance whose family had a bunch of sick seedlings. 

Ling Song deeply thought so. 

Wen Che was too bad. 

Only when his head gets caught on the door will he like Wen Yuanchu, someone who looks like him. 

Before sitting back at the desk. 

The WeChat group was still ringing non-stop. When Wen Yuanchu’s gaze shifted over, Ling Song hurriedly covered the screen with his hand, not letting him see the nonsense spouting out in the chat. 

“What are you looking at?” He deliberately raised his voice, I’ll dig out your eyes if you keep looking. 

Wen Yuanchu ignored him, pushing the new questions he just came up with towards him, “Finish these ten questions, we’ll then go through later content.” 

Ling Song’s face collapsed in an instant. 

“Why is it so difficult? This is different from what you previously taught.”

“There aren’t any that exceed the outline, the knowledge points are just mixed. Only knowing how to do basic questions won’t do, exams won’t only test basic questions.” 

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“How do I do it?”

“Think by yourself.”

Bad person. 

Ling Song was only let off at ten o’clock at night. Sending Wen Yuanchu off was like sending off Buddha. 

Before leaving, Wen Yuanchu reminded him, “Go to bed early, I’ll come over again tomorrow morning.” 


After washing up, Ling Song climbed into bed and feebly sent a message in the WeChat group. 

Ling Song: My back is sore, my whole body is aching and weak. Xiao Dezi, come quickly and serve Zhen. 

Wang Zide: Fuck.

Zhang Yang: Fuck. 

The rest: Fuck. 

Ling Song: What do you guys mean? 

The group chat was silent for half a minute. 

Wang Zide: Lao Da…… What did Wen Yuanchu do to you?

Ling Song: He’s too bad, he intentionally tossed Zhen around. 

He had clearly learned it all, but that asshole came up with those biased and strange tough questions just to make things difficult for him. 

He still thought he was a good person. 

As expected, his heart was just as bad as the Prince Regent’s.  

The group chat fell into a strange silence again. 

Ling Song didn’t feel it. Since no one was chatting, he was also too lazy to talk. When he exited the chat, he found that a new message had come in.  

Wen Yuanchu: Don’t lie in bed and play with your phone, sleep early.

Ling Song: Nonsense, I’m not. 

Wen Yuanchu: Don’t use obscene language.

Ling Song: Either way, I’m not.

Wen Yuanchu: I just saw.

Ling Song jumped off the bed.

Sure enough, in the window on the second level opposite him, Wen Yuanchu was standing there, holding his phone.

Ling Song was so angry that he lost his temper without thinking, glaring at him firmly. He forcibly shut the windows and pulled the curtains tight. 

Lying on his bed again, Wen Yuanchu sent him another message.

Wen Yuanchu: Goodnight.

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