Chapter 555.1: 555.1

Chapter 555.1: Losing Face

While Shi Shanshan and Li Zhiqi were waiting for Elder Bei to issue an order, Yang Chen suddenly turned to the Island Master, bowed to the Island Master and the group of elders “Island Master, elders, once you make a move, the sword has no eyes, if Shanshan can’t hold back, please forgive her and don’t hold her accountable for her reckless behavior.

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The reason why he only opened his mouth at this time was that Yang Chen was a little angry.

Shi Shanshan was Yang Chen’s wife, a properly married wife. If there was any discord in the Green Jade Immortal Island, they can handle it themselves behind closed doors, Yang Chen won’t say much.

But in front of Yang Chen, they were just burying his wife like this, no one would be able to bear it. As soon as they returned to the Green Jade Immortal Island, he watched Shi Shanshan being oppressed by Elder Liu Zifang. He didn’t even have a few words to enlighten him, Yang Chen couldn’t bear it.

In this case, it was necessary to make these people suffer a bit. Tigers don’t show their power, when they were not provoked, do they really think that Shi Shanshan was no longer so talented? As for Liu Zifang, if she can really bear the fact of losing her apprentice, that’s fine.

However, after all, Shi Shanshan was still a disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Even if she entered the Yang family, she will have to live and cultivate in the Green Jade Immortal Island in the future. She has to hold back her hands when it is time to hold back, but it can’t be too much.

When the Island Master listened to Yang Chen’s words, her heart sank for no reason, and she suddenly regretted it. Were Liu Zifang and the others going too far today?

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Shi Shanshan has just returned from training and has not had time to rest. Before she even had time to finish the experience, she was provoked by Liu Zifang to the point that she had to compete with Li Zhiqi. Anyway, even if Shi Shanshan really failed in the training, it shouldn’t be like this.

Even if you don’t give face to the cultivator, you should give face to Buddha. Yang Chen was Shi Shanshan’s husband, can he tolerate Shi Shanshan being bullied so much by others? If this matter affects future cooperation, it will be a bit of a loss.

After all, Shi Shanshan left the Green Jade Immortal Island for too long, it’s been more than seventy years. Not to mention that the old people have forgotten, those new disciples have no idea that there was such a cultivator in the sect. From top to bottom, it seems that Shi Shanshan’s amazing talent has been forgotten.

From the Island Master’s heart, she doesn’t care about Shi Shanshan’s success or failure. To put it another way, the Green Jade Immortal Island could become one of the big sects, and it was not because of one or two talented disciples. From the establishment of the sect by the ancestors to the present. The number of genius disciples who died halfway was definitely not less than 120,000, there were many disciples as talented as Shi Shanshan. 

Therefore, the core elders did not really value Shi Shanshan’s success or failure. Success was gratifying, but failure is just to let the sect know that it is better for talented disciples not to go to the Demon Continent to gain experience, that’s all. As long as Shi Shanshan can maintain her relationship with Yang Chen, it was enough.

Out of this consideration, some of Liu Zifang’s words were unpleasant, but everyone tolerated them. In fact, the core elders still hope to actually see the effect of Shi Shanshan’s training, hearing can be false, but seeing is believing.

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But Yang Chen only said so at this time, the Island Master had to think more. Even Yang Chen, who was her husband, said so, thinking that it was a relatively high degree of confidence. Liu Zifang and Li Zhiqi didn’t seem to be able to ask for it.

Yang Chen’s attitude was very low, and he pleaded for Shi Shanshan in advance, but he ran all the core elders into an embarrassing situation, especially Liu Zifang.

If Shi Shanshan really couldn’t hold back and seriously injure or kill Li Zhiqi, there was really no way to pursue Shi Shanshan. People were reluctant at first, and it was Elder Liu who forced the situation. Moreover, even Yang Chen spoke like this, having said that the Green Jade Immortal Island can’t do such unethical things.

Now everyone remembers how strong Shi Shanshan was back then. At the Jiedan stage, she could compete with the senior sisters at the Yuanying stage. Now that she has reached the Yuanying period, and have been practicing in the killing field of the Demon Continent for so many years, it was really easy to say that it is not good. It was also very possible that Li Zhiqi would be killed.

“There is always a winner or loser in a competition, it doesn’t matter.” The island master couldn’t help but express her position. Yang Chen was still waiting here, so she could only wave her hand and give an answer.

However, while replying to Yang Chen, the Island Master did not forget to wink at Bei Shuangyu, an elder who was already in the dacheng stage and another elder, Min Huafeng. If something goes wrong, the two of them will take care of it.

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Of course, Elder Bei and Elder Min saw the hint from the island master, and they nodded slightly and began to pay attention.

“Let’s start!” Liu Zifang was not stupid, if so she couldn’t be an elder. From Yang Chen’s mouth, she also heard a trace of something wrong, but up to now, what she said was like water that was poured out and she couldn’t take it back. There was no turning back when the bow was given, so she could only fight to the end.

The two women in the field immediately took action when they heard Elder Liu announce to begin. Li Zhiqi had already been told by her master that in this contest, Shi Shanshan must be defeated, so that Song Huan would also lose face.

As soon as she heard that, Li Zhiqi started to attack. She had a late Yuanying stage cultivation base, and her cultivation base is much higher than Shi Shanshan. The gap between the late Yuanying stage and the middle Yuanying stage was not as small as it sounds, and it was normal for the gap in cultivation base to be one or two times.

Her flying sword was summoned out at the fastest speed, and slashed towards Shi Shanshan frantically, with a heavy hand and a fast speed, there was no competition at all, it was completely a posture to kill the enemy.

Li Zhiqi was attacking, while Shi Shanshan was defending. From the bottom of her heart, she is still from the Green Jade Immortal Island, and naturally she does not want to hurt her fellow senior sister. Anyway, when she was in the Demon Continent, she didn’t have less time to be besieged by the demonized monsters in the dacheng stage. At this time, she was just dealing with a senior sister in the late Yuanying stage, it seemed that she could do it with ease.

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In front of the elders, Shi Shanshan only defended and did not attack, she repeatedly avoided Li Zhiqi’s series of powerful attacks. The movement technique has been perfected in the Demon Continent, so there was no need to protect herself with the magic weapon at all, even Li Zhiqi’s attack cannot fall on Shi Shanshan at all.

Shi Shanshan was often besieged by several demonized monsters in the dacheng stage in the demon continent. Sometimes, she didn’t look good, let alone calm and was entirely practical. But in the eyes of the elders, it was a look of embarrassment.

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